I must either be the best mom in the world or the worst. Everywhere I go, I have a 4 foot pigment impaired shadow following me around. I go to movies, or to hang out with friends, or to church or even just to the bathroom, and there is my shadow. My baby boy. Well my not so baby anymore. 

I am finally learning how to let go of him. I am starting to realize that my baby is indeed a big boy. He does everything without me and its a heartbreak but relief at the same time. MY birthday just passed and all I think about is having another baby. All my friends are having babies either for the first time or the second time. They’re all getting married and living happily ever after or on there way to the happily ever after and I’m here. 

I have an amazing man to stand by my side and an amazing little boy to stand right next to us. They always say the more you hang out with someone the more they become you. And my son has turned into my boyfriend in a big way. My son will no longer deny that my boyfriend is his father. When they ask “Where’s your dad?” He’ll point and say “He’s right there!” He gets jealous when his step-dad is getting attention from someone other than him, and he looks up to him more than anything. 

The best decision I have ever made in my life was having my little walking and talking and shadow following me around everywhere and anywhere. And even more so, the amazing man he choose to be his new dad. I’m glad that I was able to make a smart choice about something in my life.