For half of my life I have had the same best friend. We met when we were 12 years old, and this year we’re both turning 24, so yeah, half our lives, we’ve been together. This is the same best friend that lives in Georgia.

Granted we live miles and miles away from each other, me and her always remember our roots. We each remember that we made each other, and that we both love each other no matter what our zip code is. At least twice a year she comes to visit us back here in New York. For those few days that she’s here, she’s mine. All my free time is dedicated to her and vice versa. We spend all of our times with each other’s family, well you get the point.

Every time we’re together, we always go out drinking, dancing, smoking etc. Whenever we’re together it’s like no time has ever gone by. We still love each other the same, and we treat each other the same. True love never disappears, and with her? that’s all we have, true love.

I guess I never really sat down and realized how much time has passed between us. When we’re together, we still act like we’re in middle school, we always bring up high school memories, and we are always loud little spanish girls that use to gossip about nothing but the boys in our lives.

This week we’re hanging out, and on this particular night, we went out with a friend from our old high school, so of course, we’re mentioning all the ‘good times’ and we’re walking down memory lane, and it brings me back to the great times, when we had nothing to worry about except going to school and making friends. This particular night, we were hanging out, and the scenario was the same as always, me and her, feeling a little nice, and at that moment, it’s when I realized that me and her are two completely different people. She’s the girl who always has to have an answer and plan for everything. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t mind living the crazy, spontaneous life. She worry a lot about what others are going to think, and she also thinks about the consequences of everything. As opposed to me? I live for no one but me and my son, and quite frankly, everyone else’s opinions about me are completely irrelevant to where I stand in my life. Even her relationship with her family is way different from my relationship. I guess I kind of envy that, but then again, me and her are in two different places in our lives.

And it makes me wonder, how me and her are such great friends when the only thing we truly have in common is the fact that we went to the same ‘primary’ educational schools. But then because of how different we both are from each other, it allows us to be that much more alike and allows us to love each other so much more. It gives us room to be ourselves and understand others as well. This girl is forever my best friend, and forever my sister.

I’m not good with change. I’m not good at not understanding what’s going on, and being with my best friend this week, it really has shown me that no matter what, we’re both going to change in our own way. It’s up to us to keep some things the same. Sometimes change can be a good thing, it’s all a matter of how we decide to execute it to really matter.