I guess this is kind of a cliche; writing a blog at the end of the year talking about all my experiences and what’s going to change and what’s not. So I guess this blog should just be a Charlie Brown moment ‘wah wah wah wah wah’

This isn’t about what I failed to do, and how I can be a ‘new’ me. Why? Because I’m happy with the person I’ve become. I’m so proud of the woman I am, and I am 100% in love with myself. I love my life, and my son, and everything I do, benefits both of us.

This year, I’ve discovered what a strong person I really am. I learned how to put my pride aside, and I’ve become a better woman for that. This year, I went through a tough break up, and I went on a mission trying to find myself. I learned that its ok to ask for help from your loved ones, and its ok to accept the help and not be ashamed. I learned that its ok to be myself and accept if not everyone agrees with it. But most of all I’ve learned that my family and close friends, are always going to be there for me.

For 2012, I’m going to realize things, sooner rather than later. It took me a long time to be proud of who I am. I always felt like someone defined me, and that’s not the case. I define myself.

So ill admit, I’m not perfect, nor do I ever want to be, but I’ve learned to respect myself, how to love myself, and most of all how to love others. And these are all things I’ve never done before.

For the last couple of weeks, on and off, I’ve been moody, for different reasons. And it took me talking to my spiritual director, to realize what I already knew. God is the one person that will never disappoint me and He will never leave my side. I know many people get thrown off guard with how in-depth I am with my faith, but that’s a BIG part of who I am, and its hard to not be that person.

So for 2012, I promise never to forget God’s love for me. I promise to appreciate Him in my life. And I promise that I will live the life He wants me to live instead of me trying to convince Him that He’s wrong!

Here you go God, hit me with your best shot, I’m ready for anything you give me.

Happy New Year