My little boy is such a blessing for me. I love him to death, and I would do everything to prove that to him and everyone around.

About 3 weeks ago my son started pre-k. Of course every parent always thinks there child is the smartest, the tallest, the cutest and everything in between. Me and Harts have been alternating taking him and our schedules have really worked out well with the 3 of us being 2 different families. My son loves the new guy in my life, he’s even introduced the 2 to each other (it wasn’t as awkward as I would have thought but still lol). He’s been showing all four of us, Harts, my aunt (his girlfriend), my guy and me, everything he’s been learning in school. And you could really see the improvement, in his speech, in his communication level, in his behavior. He’s become quite a little helper as well.

In school they teach you how to share toys and responsibilty with your friends. They teach you the emergency contact numbers and manners. They’re even helping him out with his spanish (which is great since Harts and my attempt totally failed).

I discussed in a previous blog, awhile ago, of the stresses that toddlers deal with. Us as adults deal with the stresses of co-workers or school or boyfriends/girlfriends or family and the list can go on and on. But toddlers deal with stresses in a much different way, whether its by acting out, shutting themselves off, or in the case of my 3 year old handful, wetting the bed.

A few nights ago, I was up late studying for a final coming up, and I fell asleep. Laptop and everything open. Usually before going to sleep, I wake up my precious angel and take him to the bathroom. If I do this, it guarantees me a dry bed in the morning, but since I dozed off before I could do this, I was kind of already anticipating it. Come 4:43am I get woken up by a little voice whispering “mami, are you awake? Mami, I have to pee.”

For anyone that knows me, knows that I am exteremly difficult to wake up at any hour of the day. Well, if you haven’t guessed it now, my stressed out little boy, peed the bed. He was about to go back to sleep in the little puddle of urine he created, when I woke up. I took a baby wipe, wiped him down, and put on new underwear and pajama’s. I took the covers off his bed, and put them on a pile on the floor. He cuddled up on my pillow and stole my covers, and I just laid next to him. The next morning, at a decent hour, I knew I had to do laundry. I used this as an opportunity to wash the clothes used for the last couple of days, and I keep handing my child some clothes to put in the washer. I had already put the soaps in, so it was really a matter of filling the machine. This was my second load, and I had clothes in the dryer as well. I ask my little helper to grab the clothes from the dryer so I could fold the clothes and have room for the new load. He nodded his head and confirmed “you want me to bring the clothes from the machine? Ok I got it mami.”

A few minutes passed, I finished putting new covers on both our beds and tidying up….hmm what was taking this boy so long? I decided to trust my instinct and check on him. I walk to the laundry room, and my 3 year old is on top of a chair which he climbed, taking clothes out of the washer. My whole floor is soaked and full of a puddle. The linen which was originally filled with urine, and now soap water, was on the floor. And my baby smiles and says “I’m getting the clothes from the machine for you mami.” What am I supposed to do but smile? He made such an innocent and cute mistake, but he was trying to help me. He is soaked himself, head to toe and it was the cutest site I had ever seen. My little helper. I start cleaning up myself, grabbed a mop, and then his smile turned into a little frown. He thought he was in trouble. He looks at me with his doey eyes, and says “I’m sorry mami, I was just trying to help.”

I picked my 34lb toddler up, and thanked him for his help. I explained what the washer and dryer was and how we never touch the washer when its going off.

Even though it was a messy clean up afterwards, I still appreciated his effort. And what is life if you can’t make you little mistakes and learn from them? But let’s just say, I know why parents have kids. Its that unconditional type of love =)

As always
A mom in love