Your highs and lows of this year.

Well, I think I have had my blog long enough, for everyone to know what my low was. But even though THAT was my low, it really wasn’t. By now everyone has realized that I’m the type of person to look for the positive in all situation pretaining to my life.

The low point in my life definietly has to do with Baby Daddy. I think it was more low because my son misses him, and it sucked that he wasn’t around for my son, it had nothing to do with my feelings for him, but more my feelings towards my son and how this situation was affecting him.

The high points in my life, are definietly a lot greater. It has truly helped me realize how blessed I am in life.
In chronological order
*the relief of burden from an unloved marriage
*a closer relationship with my mom and close family
*my restoration in my faith
*another year older and wiser for me and my son
*reuniting with my best friend in Georgia (my first vacation by myself)
*receiving a calling from God to help out my community
*restoring my faith in love when I met my boyfriend
*starting school
*and my ability to multi-task

So yeah, I think my life has turned right-side up =) no complaints from me