Your earliest memory

I think one of my earliest memories are from pre-k. There’s this one day I remember back when I lived in Sunset/Boro Park. We were on 10th ave, and my pre-k was on 4th ave. This doesn’t seem like a lot of blocks, but they were longs blocks, and even though my school and my house were on the same street, the park was there so we always had to go around or through it. Everyday my mom would take me by walking with me. My sister was already in 1st grade and had already gone to school. Her school as closer and she started earlier, so after dropping my sister off me and my mom would walk together to my school SM4.

On this particular day, it was raining, and we had woken up late. My sister was late for school and if I didn’t leave RIGHT NOW, I would be late too. My mom quickly dressed me and my sister, and walked my sister to school. From there my mom called me a cab. Now the reason I remember this, is because this was my first cab ride alone. I know you must think my mom was irresponsible, but she called a cab driver that knew us, and it WAS only a few blocks. She called the school right away to let them know I was on my way, she told the cab driver where I was going, and paid him upfront, and I made it to school that day. My teacher’s assistant, Miss Melissa, was waiting for me right in front of school. That day, we learned how to cross the street.