Bullet your whole day.

(I’m skipping Day 11 because they ask that you shuffle your iPod, and I don’t have an iPod, so there’s no need for it)

*woke up
*kissed my son good morning
*peed, brushed our teeth, fed him cereal
*he took his Caterpillar book upstairs to our aunt
*I left
*met up with my boyfriend (yes I have one of those now, once I’m done with these blogs, I’ll tell you more about him)
*I bought my son a Nintendo DS and a Super Mario game
*returned the system because it didn’t work
*went to my sister’s house
*watched Arthur starring Jennifer Garner and Russell Brand with the boyfriend
*watched The Stranger Starring Liv Tyler with the boyfriend
*drove boyfriend home
*came home
*set up a bath with bubbles
*grabbed my book (A Stolen Life, the Life of Jaycee Dugard)
*finished the book
*starting writing my blogs
*still haven’t gone to sleep (3am)