Your first love and first kiss

How embarassing!!! Talk about a stroll thru memory lane….
Well my first love and my first kiss were with two different guys.

I’ll explain my first kiss first because that happened before I “fell in love” usually I’m not keen on using names, but I know that the guys mentioned here won’t read it, and they all have such common names, that it won’t matter which guy I’m talking about.

So my first kiss was with this guy named Nicky in 6th grade. He was in my drama and gym class, and everyone warned me to stay away from him cuz he was bad news. I remember my drama teacher even pulled me aside to tell me to stay away from him. Me and Nicky had homeroom right next door to each other, so on Valentine’s Day 2000 all of our friends had gathered outside the park and were having a kissing competition, between the top 3 couples at the time, Nicky and myself, Anthony and Jessica and Michael and Nelly. We were all dared to makeout with our significiant other. Michael and Nelly had been together the longest, so they made out first (in front of the whole playground), it was Anthony’s birthday so Jessica gave him the biggest smooch ever, and then it was mine and Nicky’s turn. I had no idea what to do so I trusted him, and at first he kissed my chin, and tried to play it off, and then his snicker bar, beef patty and coca cola breath, finally caught my lips and he began sucking my face.

So yeah, that’s the story of my first kiss. Don’t worry, it got better after that first time, but still, very traumatisizing for a 12 year old that was pressured into it.

Now my first love, was Brian. Freshmen year of highschool. We met in gym class, he was the doofy kid with the long hair and the all white adias sneakers with the laces tied to the top of the tongue instead of the regular way. Everyday after gym he would wait for me and walk me to my next class. Gym was on the first floor and he walked me to the 3rd floor. We started going on September 26 that year, which was only 3 weeks after the first day of school, and 2 weeks since we had met. As the bell rang, he looked at me and said “you’re mine right?” And then we became boyfriend and girlfriend (oh the simplicity of high school), we kissed and walked hand in hand to class. He waited for me after school, and within those 3 hours, the entire campus knew we were together. We were together for 11 months, we broke up on the last day of summer school. We did everything together, as much as we could especially since this was during the time I had moved to Queens as well. This was my longest relationship at the time and played a big role to me, and hurt to lose him. Even when I saw him with other girls, it made me jealous. That was until my adolscent heart fell in love again. The next guy I fell in love with, even til this day, ill say was one of my truest loves. I wouldn’t go back with him, but knowing that he is still around and that I’ll always love him (as a friend and as someone who introduced real love to me) makes me truly appreciate him.