Your zodiac sign and how do you think it reflects your personality.

(if you noticed I skipped day 6 cuz there’s so much to write about myself that its annoying…i actually wrote it twice but my phone died me writing and I didn’t save it,….)

My zodiac sign is PISCES. According to the website I Love India it says that Pisces women like to feel loved. We won’t ever overpower our man, that we like to be treated like a princess, with the basic guy opening door etc. That she can admire and love a man to the best of her abilities and will stand by her man no matter what. Pisces are very sensitive, extreme and unusual. We tend to live in a place where everything makes sense and positive, sentimental and affectionate, and sexual.

These are some of the things reflecting a Pisces woman, for those that know me, I don’t even have to answer. Do I believe it? Not really, but it is entertaining to follow my horoscope every once in awhile.

Until Next Time