Describe what your current relationship status is, if single explain how the single life is.

I find this first question,…quite humerous.

According to facebook…my relationship status, is currently single. Now when you want to get technical (and of course we all know that I do anyways) I am separated. Lol

I hate saying that, because that still leaves me some attachment to my ex, which I guess makes sense, since we have our son and all of us still have the same last name. But I refer to myself as SINGLE like the dollar bill. No one to claim me, no one to answer to, I am FREE to do whatever the hell I want. Well,….not really. I still have my son, so I can’t do WHATEVER I want, but you get the idea.


Of course being single gets lonely, you don’t have that consistency of laying down next to someone you love, or kissing them whenever or missing someone, but like I’ve said before, I’m in no rush to find the perfect man. I have been dating people, but no prince charming yet. Once I do become exclusive with someone, I’m sure you all will be the first to know =)

Until Day 2