Growing up it has always been me, my sister and my cousin. We are my grandparents only grandbabies, we are the only children in the family. We are a bunch of girls that kind of got away with a lot of girly shit. We had barbies, dresses, video games, anything girly, we had it.

When I had told my family that I was pregnant, they all knew that my offspring would get spoiled. This would be the first grandbaby to my mom and aunt (who raised me like her daughter) and my grandparent’s first great-grandbaby. So we all knew that whatever this child would be, it would be spoiled with love and gifts all the time. When I found out he was a boy, everyone went hysterical. Not only was this the first baby in 2 decades, this was the first boy. In a household full of females, it was about time we had some testerones in our lives. So not only was my child getting spoiled already for being a baby, he was getting ultra spoiled for being a boy.

Three years later, my son is exteremly spoiled. I must admit that I do not spoil him as much as my mom, or his aunts do, but I am up there. I do tell my son no, but that’s with exceptions. If he wants a cookie, he’ll get it but after he finishes eating his meal. He has a curfew, if he wants to stay up later, I usually allow him to only if he lies down on the bed and its to watch Mickey Mouse (his greatest obsession currently). There’s a lot of things we let my son get away with, but he listens to us whenever we say no.

We KNOW that he’s spoiled. We’ve never denied it. My neice is spoiled to, and I’m sure once she gets to the age of asking for what she wants and knowing how to get what she wants, she’ll be even more spoiled as well. I just hate when people feel the need to tell me that like its a problem.

I want my son to know that I will always be there for him. So what if he gets all the toys he wants? So what if he runs to me whenever he injures himself? So what if he runs to my arms when he has a nightmare. He is MY angel and I want him to know that there is no safer, welcoming place other than mom’s arms.

Yes, other moms say that I’m not raising him to be “man” enough, but doesn’t it really matter that I’m showing him that he never has to worry about mom not backing him up? I want him to be able to confide in me when he’s older so that whenever a situation comes about, I will always be there for him. I’m sure that IF I have another child I will be the same with this other child, or else I would just have to share my spoiling.

I love my life, and my son’s life. I want my son to feel the love and affection of family. So far, I think I’m succeeding, even if I’m censoring all the bad that this world has to provide.

Until Next Time