HIM – Me & my girl keep fighting cuz she don’t trust me
HER- Does she have a reason not to trust you?
HIM- No. I’ve never cheated on her.
HER- You’re here with me, so what are you intended to do?
HIM- All this accusations makes me want to do what she’s accussing me of. So at least we have a reason to fight.

Are there anymore real men out there? Everyone trys to find the man they wanna be with. They try to find the girl of their dreams. But when you finally get them, then what? You’re gonna use them to get rid of that lonely and empty feeling you have at night, while during the day, you’re acting like someone trying to look for their soulmate.

When did finding someone who was willing to be in a monogamus relationship, become so difficult?

There is this one guy, who seems to fit the “perfect man” description, but he’s married. Or has 2 different baby’s moms. Or has a long time girlfriend. Its true what they say, if he’s cheating WITH you, chances are he’s going to cheat ON you.

Girls and guys need to stop complaining that everyone is the same, and learn to trust each other.

A little quote before I finish this blog, and I hope people take into consideration that u can’t find the perfect spouse, until your own mentality changes on to what you deserve, not what you want.

“A real relationship has fights, has trust, has faith, has tears, has hope, has sweet smiles, has laughter, has weird, stupid unnecessary arguments, has patience, has communication, has secrets, has jealously, but most of all has love.”