I figured that with all the life changing events happening in my life, I should be polite. I’m not gonna thank anybody, but for all those that feel the need to blame someone and I just happen to be that somebody,…. YOUR WELCOME.

The weekend of March 15th, 2005 I learned a lot about myself and the person I could be and the person I want to be. And one thing I learned, is to accept responsibilty for my actions. A lot of fucked up shit has happened in my life, as most of you know, but not once did I ever blame anyone else. Shit happens for a reason and at times when I’ve wanted to feel sorry for myself, I never did.

If others want to blame me for all the fucked up shit in there life? Than by all means.

You say “thank you for being a bitch.”
“Thank you for ruining my life.”
“Thank you for turning your back on me.”
“Thank you for being verbally abusive.”
“Thank you for talking about me behind my back.”
“Thank you for showing me the ‘real’ NY attitude.”

You know what?

Your fucken WELCOME.

Man the fuck up, and take responsibility for your own shit. But if you looking to blame someone, than go right the fuck ahead, cuz at the end of the day, I care about you and your life as much as you care about mine.

But all joking aside, your welcome. Because if it wasn’t for the hardship and bullying that you feel I gave you, you would have never grown up. So I applaud you for finally coming to your senses and realizing you are an adult.

So to end this blog on a happy note…

Thank you for thinking I think so highly of you. And your welcome for all the bad shit your blaming me for. I’m glad you’re happy.

Until Next Time

NH =)