February 1st, 2008 @ 4:11pm, a 8lb 0oz 21 1/2 inches long baby boy was born.

You never think of something being so long ago until you really sit down and think about what these days have bought.

3 years ago today, my son was born. And then my life changed. There are some women who still want to be children and act as if their mother is going to take care of them for the rest of their lives,..but not me.

I know I can always rely on my mother to help me out when needed, but I take full credit for my son.

Even though Harts is not my significant other anymore. He is an awesome father and a wonderful role mode to our son. I would be proud of my son if he grew up to be half the man his father is.

My son’s birthday really helps me understand how lucky, fortunate and blessed I am to be a mother. My son is my pride and joy and I would do everything for him.

When I first had him, no one ever really took the time to explain to me this never ending amount of love that I could possibly feel for one human being. And the bigger he gets, the more he learns, the more he grows and experiences life, the more I love him. Kids are prone to get sick, and they always get better, and even knowing this, I still cry whenever my son gets sick. I still hold him and pray I can take away his pain. I love that my son calls to me whenever he wants to feel better. It warms my heart to know that he needs me just as I feel I need him sometimes.

I love my son, and everything about him. I even love that he looks just like his daddy. Makes me believe that my son will be a strong, smart, tall and handsome man!

When he was first born, I kept saying “I can’t wait until he,….” oh boy! Trust me,..I can wait now. I don’t ever want him to grow up. I feel like all of this is happening so soon.

3 years seems like its a long time, but these 3 years have just come and gone, and I really can’t believe it.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy (even though he will argue with me and swear he is not a baby anymore) I love you so much. You make me the proudest mommy of them all.


NH ❤

PS- Harts is a great dad. And that’s why it makes it easier to share custody of our son.  Because I know that when he is with daddy, I have nothing to worry about.