Is it bad that I crack up when people say, they are embarrassed by there moms?

On this particular day, I was doing grocery shopping and I was texting my mom asking if she needed anything. (My mom has actually been in the mobile world for awhile so that’s not a surprise to anyone.) We have regular conversations via texts, but this day, for some reason, I could not understand a word she was saying. She was using text abbreviations and writing ways how they sounded and not actually spelt. I was so annoyed that I finally just gave up and called her. After we got off the phone I reread her texts, and it all made sense. And I realized that the reason I didn’t understand her was because I’m not used to speaking to my MOM like this. I’m used to texting my friends but not my mom!

I guess I’m not the only one that feels that their moms should not be texting/speaking in a certain way.

My friend just posted on her bbm status “My mom just said tipsy -__-”

My other friend posted on Facebook “Whoever taught my mom to text should get shot”

On twitter someone posted, “My mom actually knew the words to this song.”

There was even a trending topic on twitter labeled #ifmymomhadtwitter –basically saying that moms shouldn’t be allowed to have a twitter account.

It is soo hard to imagine our moms as human! We go all of our lives looking up to them, and expecting them to know the answer to everything, that we seem to forget that, before they had us, they were people to.

I’m sure my mom hated her parents, disrespected them, and even more was embarrassed by them as well.

It cracks me up even more so because now I’m a mom. How long is it going to be before my son starts becoming embarrassed of me?

Is he going to be embarrassed by the way I talk, dress, look? Is he going to think “you’re not mom enough” is he going to wanna trade me for a better “mom”?”

Oh man, I remember all these thoughts, and even now, when my mom is way older than me and I’m way older than a teenager, she still manages to embarrass me, but that’s because I forget that she’s human too. She’s allowed to have a life outside of motherhood.

So I’ve shown you my examples of my mom embarrassing me, now I MUST know how your mom has embarrassed you,..

♥Signed by my cell phone. Great minds are created everywhere.♡