Call me a celebrity feen, a walking “weekly” but I just finished reading Tori Spelling’s books. YES! Booksssssss,….I read them both, in 2 days (which doesn’t say much because she writes at a 7th grade level.)

As I’m reading “sTORI telling” I felt more of a connection with her when she was talking about all her boyfriends, and her out of mind experiences and rebelling. This is stuff that I actually already knew because I watch her reality show.

I guess this blog was processing in my head when I read “Mommywood.”

Of course, cuz I’m a mom. I like mom stories. We all deal with the same issues with different kids, and we handle them differently. And there were points in the book that made me tear, not because of her writing skills, but because I remember what that was like.

There was this one part in where she talks about moving out of “Beaver Avenue” onto a more “Hollywood” street. The transition was different because Dean (the father) was working late. Stella 4 months old was sleeping in her room, and Liam (almost 2) was crying because he wanted to sleep in his room. This wasn’t home to him. And of course Tori felt the same, trying to put her brave face on, so he wouldn’t sense her fears. So they sat down on her bed and watched a movie until he eventually went to sleep.

The first time that we moved into our place it was the same thing. We had been living in a hotel, or in my mother’s house, so that when we finally had our own place, my son wasn’t used to it. We had a crib that wasn’t his, in a room that he wasn’t used to, in an area that he didn’t recognize. As a parent it breaks my heart to have to jump from one place to another so rapidly and have that inconstancy that a child needs. It broke my heart everyday, and then we got my son a toddler bed, and we did it the wrong way. In our head we thought it’d be best to surprise him with it, since in the house he was sleeping in the pull-out-couch anyway.

When I posted it on facebook, people were asking me what his reaction was when we told him we got him a new bed, was. And I said “uhhhhh,….we haven’t exactly told him.” When my friends said they were bringing the bed over we decided to talk to our son, and he was ok with it. A new life change no big deal to him. When the bed came, it was no big deal to him. He was jumping, climbing, swinging, all that other nonsense 2 year olds build in there heads. No problems, no issues.

So what am I worried about? Kids will be kids. Boys will be boys. But then there come times when I need him too, and for some miracle he always knows that.
Whenever me and my [ex] husband fight that it hurts, my son looks at me and smiles at me and gives me a kiss and a hug, and tells me everything is going to be ok. Whenever I need someone to just hug, he’s there for me, no questions asked. Doesn’t it seem like tpp much, when you try so hard to depend on your 2 year old to cheer you up?

But then are most times when he comes to me. It seems mommy’s kisses fix everything. He stubs his toe, it’s ok mommy will kiss it. He falls and scrapes his knee, let me cry until mommy kisses it. He bumps his head, it’ll be all better once mommy kisses it. You get the point.

When I left my job(s) and took a different toll in my life, I wanted to be more hands-on. And my son noticed, and loved every minute of it. There were times when a hug/kiss from me was fine.

Right now, I’m writing this blog on my phone, with my son sleeping in the bed with me? Why? Because him and I both miss daddy. Mommy and daddy are no longer together and daddy can’t kiss him goodnight. With my [ex] husband as a sahd (stay at home dad) for a year, he was used to mommy bathing him, changing him, tucking him in, and daddy reading him the book and kissing him goodnight. Now it’s different.

Being a mom, is one of the biggest blessings I could ever ask for, and its something I would never give back. Even if there are days that my son’s outrageous behavior is too much to handle, the fact that he wants to hold MY hand when we cross the street, the fact that he wants ME to help him use the bathroom, or ME to make him dinner, really makes everything worthwhile.

Now, to read “CandyLand” by Candy Spelling

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