I cannot believe that I have been blogging for over a year already.

I was just reading my blog of things to be thankful for last year, and I cannot believe the progression and the following that has grown thru these last months/year.

I’ve been nervous to write a new blog because it touches a subject that I don’t want to hit, because I’m not ready to hit it yet, but I think now that I’m in front of computer is a better time than any.

People have been commenting me on facebook or sending me private messages or sending out blast on bbm’s about how emo I have been acting lately. And everyone and anyone who knows me, knows that this is not how I act. This is not me. I am not emo, I am not the person to be sulking over the bad shit that happens in my life. I always look for the positive in everything, and while I DO see the positive, the progression in my life right now, and the sudden change, HURTS like hell.

As I expressed 2 blogs ago, me and my husband were having issues in our marriage, and I think me and him finally got over that fear of not being together, and realized that even if we are not together, we would still make great parents to our son.

That being said, me and my husband are no longer together (hence the relationship change on facebook)

Right now, we are going to take this time to reflect on who we are. We’re still young, and we’re both fairly attractive, so whose to say that our life should stop in our 20’s?

That’s all anyone is getting on that subject, but on that note, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has reached out to me, to allow me to vent. All those “strangers” that volunteered getting drunk or partying or anything to get my mind off of things. I know I haven’t been myself lately.

And moving forward with my life, it is me and my son now!

I think the biggest thing that scared me was that I’m already a statistic, especially within my sex and race. I’m a spanish female that dropped out of high school and got pregnant as a teenager and got married, and now I’m on the verge of divorce. That’s too much to handle, but even with that said, I will never turn the clock around, because over everything, my husband is my best friend, and while we may not be right now, I know that everything will work out because we both love our son and put him first over everything else – including our feelings for each other.

Now that it’s in writing and it’s in my blog, everyone should know. I will not speak to anyone in detail of what happened pr why it happened, it’s no one’s business, but just know that your support and love to the BOTH of us, has not gone unnoticed, and we really appreciate the love all around.

Until Next Time


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