I know I’ve done it, as have many parents.

We wait 9 long months for our child to be born. We hold

them in our arms, and assume what their personality is like when they are older. We assume, “oh he’s dancing to my favorite artist, he’s definitely going to be a musician.””Look at the way he holds a pencil and can already tell colors, look how perfect his lines are. He’s going to be an artist.”

We’ve all done it. And I’ve played victim to that. Then my niece was born. By now its no surprise that me and my husband are having problems at home. When my niece was born of course we (by we I mean “I”) had baby fever. My sister had posted on facebook saying that my brother-in-law wanted their daughter to be a daddy’s girl. And we went back and forth saying stupidness about all the kids involved. Including my son, their nephew.

I want a momma’s boy. I do! But than I worry that he’ll be a little pansy in school, get picked on etc. But then as he grows up and hangs out with daddy a little more, he’ll start to see that daddy is cooler then mommy, and he’ll forget about me.

For some reason I have predetermined that me and my husband will only have boys (even though he wants his daddy’s girl too) so I’ve created this scenario on my sister’s facebook status, that my 2nd boy will be gay. So we’ll have the best of both world. He won’t be into sports (yay me) but he’ll be into shopping (yay me) he’ll dress very metrosexual (yay daddy) and still pee standing up (yay daddy).

It was a joke! I hope you realize this!

Apparently my mom doesn’t get it. I’m not saying I want my child to be gay, but if he/she so happens to be, then what am I going to do? Love them any less? I’ve ask my mom, would you love your grandkids any less if you knew they were gay? No you wouldn’t. Why would I?

We live in a world, where kids have been bullied to the point of them feeling the need to take their own life. Why? Maybe because not only did they not feel accepted in school, but at home either? In a perfect world, everyone would get along, but unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. This shit doesn’t happen.

And I pointed this out to me mom, “if your grandson found out he was gay at age 13, would you abandon him? Or would you rather he be able to talk to you, and know that you have his support no matter which way he swung.” Her response, “it is your job as his mother to teach him the right way.” She was of course referring to the whole “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” term. And I came back with, “the reason being ‘gay’ is frowned upon is because they feel that the reason a man and a woman are to be together is to reproduce. Make more offsprings. Nowadays, there are 16 year old GIRLS who are having babies and throwing them in the dumpster because they don’t want them, but there is a happy GAY couple, that wants to have children, but don’t have the means to have them themselves. Why do gay people need to be able to ‘reproduce’ when people who have that right, abuse it?” And of course, she just stood shut. This all started as a not so serious conversation between my mother, father and myself. And my father took his daughter’s side. My mother may look young, but she has her old fashion moments.

I stand by what I said. I’m not gay. I will never say that I am, because that’s not who I am. But their is nothing wrong with being who you are. I want to be somebody that my son can feel he can talk to. I know there are people who are afraid to come out because the reaction there parents/family/friends will have. But not me, I will love my son no matter what.

Yes, I’d prefer biological grandkids, but any means to an extended family is always my preference. 🙂

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