Why is this week just dragging????

And WTF is up with all the tornado watches?? This is New freaking York, we shouldn’t be getting TORNADO’s here. This isn’t friggen Kansas!

Is it weird that I actually look forward to hearing from my father and how he’s doing?

Is it bad that I hate the fact that my son, niece and nephew are growing up?

Is it horrible that I hate my landlord?

Is it weird that I miss my husband on a regualr basis? Even when he’s right next to me, but the thought of knowing that he has to go to work later, or tomorrow or in two days, really depresses me?

Is it cocky to know that I am smarter beyond my years?

so many questions.

Not enough answers.

I want to take a new picture,… :-/

and I want to dye my hair.

Until Next Time


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