While my schedule has changed around a lot, it has made it that much more flexible for me to do more things for me.

I wake up every morning, take my son to daycare, and then my day begins. Whether it’s heading to work, registering for school, handling the doctor’s appointment, cleaning the house or simply cooking for my husband, it seems that since I stopped working a full time job, I have a lot more time for me and my family while still meshing all the little things in between.

And I started picturing my life as a TV show.

When I was younger I used to LOVE “Saved By the Bell.” And before I understood the concept of actors, and recording studios, and scripts, I thought all that stuff was real. I would start imaging my life in one of those hidden cameras, would my life be as entertaining as Zack, Kelly, Lisa, Jessie, Slater and Screech. Would I make boring TV because I had Dr. B instead of Mr. Belding? Which ones of my friends would be casted as which character, and what would there drama be?

Now as a grown up (according to society and my age) I know different, but I still wonder. Would my life make for boring TV? It seems as if the Housewives of NY, NJ, Atlanta and Orange County have all made it pretty big and famous out there for doing nothing but fighting with there neighbors, and families. Does it show you the real side of them? Or only the staged part we know would make good TV? Even if that means, that there is always a villain.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a housewife, I have been spending a lot of time at home “reflecting” on what needs to be changed or fixed or to “my standards” in the house.

I start seeing, that these reality TV shows, are for real.
You start getting cabin fever of wanting to get out of the house.
You want to be on top of your kids and do everything perfect for them.
You look for little specs of dust to obsess over.
You start obsessing over the most ridiculous things, that everything becomes a conspiracy between you and the world.

And then it all makes sense.

The reason all these housewives have all this time to fight, bicker, and hate each other, is because they truly have nothing better to do. They look for moments in where there lives would be fulfilled with something of relevance, and nothing is ever enough until they become the victim.

I had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to myself. ALL to myself. And I was sick on Friday, so while my husband was with me, I barely remember that day. During these days, no one came to bother me, I had no work to worry about. No school. No kids until 5pm. Not a care in the world. Yeah it seems like a dream come thru to a hard working mom, who spends all her time trying to provide for her family. But after 2 days, you get bored of doing nothing. You get tired of not being wanted, or needed. Or even worse, you grow lazy and don’t WANT to do anything for yourself or anyone around you.

4days with no contact to anyone is a nightmare.
4days staring at the same walls over and over again, made me want to just die!
4days of doing the same thing, the same time without even realizing it,

How do these “housewives” do it?
I was alone for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I couldn’t even do it.

They always say, you never really truly appreciate your mother until you become a mother yourself.

There should be a saying, you never realize what a housewife is capable of until you’ve become one yourself.

Have you ever experienced this feeling x_x?


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