Today is an important day in history, where many will never forget. This day is going to go in the history books (if they’re not there already) and it will definitely be on most of our minds.

9 years ago today, I was 13 years old, in my 8th grade English class with Ms. Roberts as my teacher. She receives a phone call mid-speech and one of my classmates walks out. And little by little they start disappearing. The bell rung for us to go to our next period class, but Ms. Roberts had explained to us at this moment that we were not to leave the classroom because a plane had crashed into the twin towers.

I guess the only ones phased by this news were the ones that were getting picked up from their parents. But the rest of us either didn’t understand what was going on or didn’t understand the importance of what just happened.

Here comes 11 o’clock. Our school dismisses us from school, and we walk outside and look over the river of our school and in a distance we see nothing but smoke.

Now the way our school used to be on a full day, was that we would have one public bus, kind of unofficially, reserved for us. On this particular day, there was a row of buses here, but to my surprise it was only for us. We were waiting for people to hop on the bus as well, and I guess this is when I realized how close we really were to the World Trade Center. People with torn clothes, no shoes, ash all over there body, face, feet, hair, started getting on the train. I was sitting with my group of girlfriends and one of them had asked, “What happened” and the lady with an ashy, flowery dress and no shoes on, responded, “I was on my way to work when I felt the floor vibrate, and I looked up and a plane had hit my office building. I can’t believe I’m here.” She looked calm considering the situation, but you really couldn’t help but admire her.

We learned that the bus would be dropping each of the people to as close to there destination as they had to be.

I went over to my friend’s house and we went to turn on the tv, and on EVERY channel, the news was on. Showing what had happened. I guess we still didn’t believe that this was happeneing so close to us.

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn. There is a park that when you stand in the center of the park, by the picnic area, that you can see Manhattan. So me and my girlfriends, went here, and even the park was barely covered in smoke. How crazy to think that a whole borough away, and we still felt/smelt the impact of this.

When I finally went home, I went on the computer and went into chat rooms like I usually did. They kept asking a/s/l and I would always respond 13/f/ny. Those 2 letters meant I was popular, because everyone started sending me private messages.

“You’re from new york?”
“What happened with the World Trade Center?”
“Where were you during the incident?”
“Has it impacted your family?”

And I kept repeating my story. Seems like even 9 years later, it’s a big deal that I’m from New York, and that I was around during that time.

As the years go, and as I meet more and more people, it seems that 9/11/01 has had a different impact on them. Even amongst my own family.

I know these 2 girls that lost there father on this day. I know a few guys decided to join the army because this was their way of fighting back. I learned that my husband, who had just lived blocks from the twin towers, was there on this day with his mother & grandmother. I met a friend who was in the actual building and still has nightmares of this day. I learned that my uncle used to work in the towers, and had retired just the previous day.

So while I felt at the time, that I was unaffected by this, turns out that as the years went by, I was attached to those buildings by the people I would eventually run into in my life.

May all of those who lost a special someone 9 years ago today, may you know that their efforts did not go unnoticed. They will always be in our hearts, and 9/11 will live on forever! When I have to explain this to my grandchildren, hopefully I’ll understand the concept of the internet so I can just show them my blog.

Now, I want to know, where were YOU 9 years ago?