I’ve noticed that lately my blogs have been reflecting the old me with the new me and the transition it has taken me to become the new me.

Well here’s my view on my appearance. Before baby, I was skinny and I loved who I was. After baby, I became this fat lard that wanted to eat ice cream and be left alone at all times. And it sucked because I knew that I would just keep getting fatter and fatter and fatter. To the point, that I hated taking pictures. Because pictures truly made me realize that not only did I feel like a fat lard, I was starting to look like one too.

Until I discovered HartStop Designs. Things became so different, and I could never default a cell phone picture again!

I am not a model, I am not comfortable in front of the camera, but when I got in front of the camera, I felt like a whole new person. I felt that I could so be a model, and the rolls of fat I was insecure about, was just that, insecurities.

One of the first sessions I had with him, was trying to figure out what my default picture on my blog should be. Have you ever watched Home Improvement, with neighbor Wilson, always covering half his face? Welll, that’s what I wanted.

So he came up with THIS picture.

This was one of my favorite pictures because it incorporated my name as well on half my face. But after having this picture up, I knew that if i ever got bored! I would need to do another photoshoot as well.

And this is what we came up with 🙂

And again i LOVED it, and it stayed my default for as long as I could manage to look at the same picture. and what killed me, was that whenever I went on his page, I would see all these people with new pictures, and I wanted pictures too. So of courseeeee,……I had to go for ANOTHER session lolsz

This one was one of my all time favorite pictures, because not only was it covering my face, like i wanted it to, but it incorporated MY writing into it, and my signature. And that honestly did it for me. This was to be my main default picture FOREVER,…UNTILLLLLLLLLLLLL,…..i got green eyed and wanted yet ANOTHER shoot….

Wow I just realized that you must think I am conceited with all these pictures I want to take, but hoonestly, I think it’s worth it lol.

HartStop Designs truly outdid themselves. This was by far the most fun I have ever had in a shoot. All of this is not photoshopped (with the exception of some pimples you know.) We wrapped me in newspaper to give me a dress, my shoes,, the walls, I’m sure my underwear would’ve been newspaper if it was going to be shown. This is all reall newspaper and real books in the way. It was so much fun. Especially since I love to read and write. I think it did an awesome job of showing who I am without revealing my face.

I am absolutely in LOVE with HartStop Designs and I can never go to a standard photographer ever again. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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Until Next Time Bloggers

NH ❤

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**HartStop Designs also created there own blog, I like to think it’s cuz of me, but then I would have exceeded the amount of conceited that I am allowed on my page lol

Each one of these comments are said from actual people who have taken pictures and have had the full effect of a HSD photoshoot. I have not altered them at all!!

Lilly Rod Hello everybody =] this was my first photoshoot ever. Usually I take pics with my phone lol, so at first i was very shy and skeptical of going forward with it but once i took my first two or three pics, it was awesome. Let me say tis though, HARTS you the man because I never felt so comfortable and relaxed and it …is nice to know you can be yourself and you wont be judged. On that note, HartStopDesigns are the people to go to if you want to take the most awesome pictures ever as well if you want to be able to express your own style. I want to say thank you for everything you guys are talented and down to earth people. continue doing what you guys do best much love.

Tiffany Perez Roberto Soto and I had our first photo shoot today with HartStop Designs and I can honestly say I’d go again! It was fun. Harts Ortiz makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and I know that may sound weird but sometimes we get so caught up with fashion that is out there and we sometimes doubt our own beauty. I di…dn’t feel pretty today, I felt beautiful because I could of never imagined that a photo shoot with a photographer could make me feel so ME. I hardly ever utilize the fact that I have long hair and he did just that. It was great. He’s really down to earth and not only is the shoot fun but the conversation as well. His ideas may seem weird at first but when do we all have the opportunity to feel like models. Don’t get me wrong, some ways that he posed me was a little difficult as if I were playing Wii Fit but I can honestly say I trust him and today was the first time I met him.


You’ll look great and feel great after.

Chantal Aytes I had my first photo shoot with Hartstop and it was a blast. As a model it was relieving to do something different and what art is suppose to be, bringing life to pictures. Not every photographer makes a model comfortable, I know that from experience from doing High Fashion to glamour shots especially glamour shots. … Gab made sure that I was completely comfortable as well as very respectful to me during the glamour shots I requested to do. And he also taught me a lot about the industry, because no matter who you are you can always learn a new trick to the trade. It was by far the best photoshoot I have ever gone to and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet someone who has a great talent and eye and the ability to teach others. 10 stars up!!!! ^^

Daniel Estrada Just got back from the best photo shoot I’ve ever had. The photographer was awesome, he was so professional and made me feel so comfortable from start to finish. He had great vision and listened to my ideas and we worked it out together. He has great skills and great talent. I will def go back to him for all my shoots. I highly recommended him to all who ask

Faith Catura had an amazing shoot a couple of weeks ago …. an amazing photographer with his own vision and then submerges his visions with your own … knows his skills and how to use them to make the most AMAZING shots and images that you ever could imagine !! AMAZING TALENT …. 2 THUMBS UP !! Will definitely go back for more shoots soon !! : )

Mildred Medina All I can say is Amazing! My experience today was great. I loved the whole shoot. The twist and turns you had me doing were great. I can’t wait to do another shoot. I have never posed like this before and it was fun, calm and exciting. Thank you!!! I recomend everyone get a shoot done at harts photography :0)

Viktoriya Utkina Ur the best!!!!!!! I had such a great time at our shoot yesterday. I never thought I can bend so much lol. It was very professional and I felt comfortable the whole entire time. I loved that I got to play my own music. I would definitely do it again. Now that I know what its like, I definitely now what to bring next time. Thanks.

Anastasia Masyuk i love your style!!!!! its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie Herrera I just wanted to comment on what an amazing job you did today. I can’t wait to see all the pictures from the shoot! We did things that i never image to do; I had a Fantabolous time and Harts You were incredible..Also it goes without saying, but if anyone ever wants a recommendation I would be glad to rave about you!!! See you soon =D

Rosemarie Diaz I just cant believe how amazing i came out in the pictures… I felt so comfortable around Harts!!! He’s so amazing and the pictures came out so cool…. It was so amazing and it was worth every penny I spend… I just love them!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!

Gisell Fernandez wowwww wat a great day changed my whole life around great photoshot , hart is the best juss makes yu feel comfortable n free with ur body & mind…it worth every penny & time of day….hart GREATTTT JOBB….& thank u

Harold Alexander Ruiz i really didnt know wat to expect during my shoot with my wife. i thought it was gonna be a typical shoot since ive had other shoots for my music career but boy i was surprised how fun and how much of a good time i had with hartstop. i recommend any1 to do it….its a workout but you will enjoy yourself and have a grea…t time at the shoot. You will feel comfortable and at the studio they are pretty much open to any idea you may have……im lookin forward already to my next shoot.

Dayra Abreu I had a great time during the shoot. My experience with hartstop designs was GREAT! I felt comfortable and most importantly welcomed. I couldn’t stop smiling. Everything was great. I would definately recommend anyone to have their shoot with hartstop. Its a fun exerience, not your ordinary photoshoot “)

Elyana Salas Hey boo! Soon as I get back to NY I’m booking another shoot… Lovin the work you’re doing! You got people out in GA talkin about your work! So yeah.. you already know. Love you.. take care! ♥

Koly ‘Fatema Kabir thnkx for the fun work out !!

yesterday was fun = )

i was a bit nervous but coz of you not camera shy anymore = P

cant wait for the picz

p.s. my body is kinda sorta still sore . lol

Ricky Taylor had an awesome experience. very personable, well rounded and full of talent and ideas. they go the extra mile to provide support, creativity and a sense of comfortability you cant find with most professional photography. from when i walked in to the moment i left it felt like i knew them for year….lol

Vega Teknique Thanks for Having me, it was a great shoot and alot of fun cant wait to see how the rest of shoot comes together.

Genesis Yglesia-Songz Thank You HartStop Designs for taking such amazing pictures of me. You are absolutely amazing and i am in love with myself now more than ever lolll xoxoxxo

Joann Gomez So I had the most amazing experience ever!!! Today I did a photo shoot with my twin sister Joanna and it was great! It was my first time ever doing this and I felt very comfortable. At first I was extremely nervous because it was my first time, but Harts Ortiz made me feel very comfortable and calm. I wasn’t sure what …to do either, but I was well guided throughout the whole photoshoot. I am very happy with the outcome and anxious to see the other pictures :D. I will definately do it again :D… THANK YOU!

Joanna Gomez LOVED doing the photo shoot!!! Me and my twin sister were so excited for this photo shoot and it was definitely worth it. My sis Joann was very nervous when the photo shoot began but Hartz played our ipod, put some music and she was set to go. Loved how everything went. DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!! 🙂

Rosa Robles Thanks Gabriel.I like the pictures.I have to say,It was a work out.the following day i was aching,but it was worth it.

Reyna Moreno Left the studio a little while ago…what an experience! Harts has real vision, creativity and talent. He’s easy to work with and very personable. He also has amazing people working with him. Annie does awesome makeup and Nadyne was an absolute pleasure to talk to in order to set things up. I definitely want to come back soon and do some more photos!!

Mike Recio For those wonderin about HSD photoshoots, the whole experiencewas is truly amazing. Working with Harts was actually fun, very creative and the results speak for themselves, just look at the picture below and I dare anyone to disagree. It really was a great shoot and I can’t wait to see the rest.

Amandalyn McCraw Sooooo, my family and I did a photoshoot with Harts on Friday and it was so much fun! We happen to be friends but when he was behind the camera he was at complete work! Whatever we had envisioned plus more… An idea pops in his head and could easily extend your shoot by 20 minutes… He’s not clockin’, his mind is just going on and on with what would look good. I recommend him to anyone looking to have professional photos done. He’s the bomb! xoxo

Aziza Homnick Hmm…Today I tagged along with my mother to do a photo shoot. I have to say the shots that were taken of her were amazing. The photographer made her feel comfortable and that is what I had hoped for my mom to be comfortable and have fun. The whole expierence was fantasic. Thanks for making it enjoyable for my mother

Roberto Soto thanks for the photo shoot son it was great….. love your work keep up the good work..

Zury Sanchez I absolutely loved the shoot. Since this is my first photo shoot ever i learned alot of things and got very comfortable with how things went. I am very much looking foward to the next one.

Kory Urbina Woot! I was there. You guys are awsome.


Katheline Hernandez oh my god i had the best time at the photo shoot with hart hes honestly the greatest made me feel so comfortable i felt as if i knew him for years i didnt feel nervous or shy he gave me such energy to just want to get infront of that camera nd work it this was deff a great experience I HAD A BLAST HART THANK YOU SOO SOO MUCH =D!!!!!!!