This is a subject I haven’t reached yet, because it seems so unreal. But now that the date is slowly approaching (Labor Day) it seems to be more and more of a reality.

My older sister, is pregnant. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that. She’s having her first child, which is my first niece. And it is the most exciting news ever. When she first told us, I was so happy for her, but a selfish part of me, was happy for myself too, cuz this is my FIRST niece.

It’s a different feeling then having your own child. Because the way you always think about it, “I could be the cool aunt she could run too whenever mom or dad are mad at her.” I had my baby and I loved him right away, but this is not MY baby, this is my sister’s baby and it’s a different type of love.

I look at my sister’s belly growing and I want to kiss it, and hug it, and bother it. I want her to come out already so I could play with her and blow raspberry’s on her cute little belly. I can’t wait for her to be able to recognize me and call me by my name.

I remember the first time my son said my sister’s name, and it was the cutest thing, because he butchered it soo much, but it was soo cute. I remember one time, when he was running, he wanted her attention, so he runs up to her hits her leg “eh-e, eh-e, eh-e, eh-e” he would say. My sister would pay him no mind until she realized that this was his way of saying her name. And it was sooooooo cute of course she had to pay attention and go whereever he wanted to.

Hmm can I tell you a secret? I’m scared of how my son is going to be as a big brother. I’m kind of anxious to see how he’ll be with my baby niece. I already know that as an only child, and as a baby cousin he is a whiny little mama’s boy. So it makes you think, if he’s no longer the baby, is he still going to get the special attention?

I’m sure that once him and his new baby cousin are at their grandmother’s house and my son starts realizing that the baby is getting more attention because she won’t be able to move like him, or talk and eat like him, that he’ll get jealous and want alll of their grandmother’s attention right on him.

~this little girl needs to get out already so I can smother her with my kisses and hugs!!!!

Hopefully Next Time I’ll write about my niece ❤

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