Before I got pregnant, every Friday, me and my then boyfriend, would go to the movies. At the time I was working next to the 42nd street movie theater, and for the 2 of us to watch a movie, was $23.50. I am now working next to the 34th street theater, and just for me and my husband to watch a regular cmovie, (no 3D or iMax) is $26. And of course, you don’t go to the movies empty handed, you buy popcorn, or candy, or nacho etc, and you spend the equivalent to 2 movie tickets. At least in the movie theaters in the city, a bucket of popcorn was actually bigger than my head!

NOW! I barely make it to the movies because the movie tickets are so expensive and on top of that,  the refreshments seems to cost more for less.

I went to the movies with my now husband a while ago, and we went to watch a movie in 3D, did I almost spend $40 on just 2 movie tickets? It’s the dumbest thing ever. And then I ordered us some popcorn, and a large drink. And seriously, for a 2 hour movie, 15 minute of previews, and 10 minutes waiting on line, I spent close to $100. And on top of that, I had to return the glasses. So WTF!

I got some free movie tickets a while back, and me and my husband

decided to use them. We exchange our free passes for real tickets, and as we entered the theater, we decide we want refreshments. I got us a Large drink and aLarge popcorn, and 2 hotdogs. I spent $30.  I got so annoyed, because whatever I didn’t pay for my movie tickets, I made up in refreshments.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my paycheck isn’t getting any bigger on a daily rate. I could barely afford to go to the movies anymore, because everything cost so much more now.

There’s this movie theater around my house, that every Tuesday they charge $6 for movies all day! And every time I go to the movies, they are always packed. People like a bargain and that’s why, no matter how run down, dirty, smelly this movie theater is, people go here to watch the latest hits. But they also need to make their money somehow right? A small drink cost $6 and it’s the size of a McDonald’s kids cup. A medium cost $6.50 and a large cost $7. The refreshments cost more than the damn tickets. So even though I’m saving, I’m still spending.

For that, I might as well, wait until these movies go on demand. I spend $5 for 24 hours. And I don’t have to pay per person. I can pop my own popcorn in the microwave, I can pause, rewind or fast-forward when I need to, and I’m not in a room full of people who don’t understand what persona l hygiene is.

I’m not trying to sound cheap, but I got bills to pay, I got priorities to meet, but every once in awhile, in order not to drive myself insane,…I like to go out and spend on myself. But even treating myself has a budget!

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BTW – This entire blog was inspired by a conversation I had with one of my closest friends. He went to the movies last night with his girlfriend, and just for 2 movie tickets, spent $33. Fucking bull shit I tell you!!!!

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