Have u ever seen one of those guys in the street with a diaper bag on his shoulder, & a 4 year old kid that is crying, and here he is, trying to comfort the child by hugging and kissing him and telling him that everything is going to be ok??

These are the guys that went on Maury to prove that they are NOT the father

of this baby because there baby mom’s is a whore. And then at the end of the show, Mauryopens his envelope and says “John Doe, in the case of 3 year old Jane Doe, you ARE the father” and then this is the part where you enter the dramatic “Told you so”

How can I tell??

A real father, one that is around on a regular basis, would not be hugging and kissing his child. He would very nicely look at him ask him what’s wrong, the child would say he wants candy, daddy would say no, child would throw a tantrum, daddy gets back down and whispers something in child’s ear, child then starts whimpering and stomping but continues to walk holding daddy’s. What did daddy say? Daddy told him, “You better stop crying, or else you’ll see what happens when we get home.” Oh does this child KNOW what happens at home. Child’s father on the other hand, would nurture and give in and give child the candy? Why? Because father thinks that this one piece of candy will fix him not being around the past 3 years of it’s life. And children are so simple. This piece of candy did do just that. For the next 15 minutes at least.

A real father, goes to toy store randomly to pick something up for his kids becausethey deserve it. He knows WHAT they like, WHAT they want, and most of all, WHAT won’t annoy him when he wants a moment to kick back and watch 5 minutes of the game without being interrupted. A Child’s father, goes online and tries to buy these big, annoying, expensive gifts. But before doing so, they walk into the toy store, they look around so completely lost, the sales person working on commission sees this as a big deal and runs over, “hi sir, how can I help you?” “Uhmmm, I’m buying a toy for my son.” “oh well you’ve come to the right place, how old is your son.” “He’s (thinks) this big (gesturing hand to around hip).”
The sales person smiles, nods, and blinks dollar signs. And that’s how his kid, got a $500 hot wheel!

A real father, plans bbq and parties for any and all occasions. A good party is wherethe kids have there fun, and the adults aren’t annoyed by “daddy daddy look what I can do.” A child’s father, would arrive at a party late with a stuff teddy under his arm and expects the child to run to him and praise him for the little teddy bear!

A real father, appreciates sleep but even more, when his son wakes him up with cereal, bacon, eggs, pancakes, orange juice and coffee all put into one bowl. A real father appreciates the effort his son just put into trying to create a meal for him.  A child’s father, would treat his kid to McDonald’s and get him TWO toys instead of just one like all the average kids, and expect this to be the greatest relationship of all time.
And for all you single ladies, that think that a man with a child is

cute, look @ how he’s dressed. Is he looking so fine that you can’t turn him down, meanwhile his kid is right next to him eating a melted ice cream vanialla cone with sprinkles? Or look at how he treats him. Is it with love, compassion, and patience??? Then this is not the man for you. He’s not even there for his own son, he barely knows his son, there’s no way he can be there for you.

Now, if you see a sexy man, wearing jeans and a button down and he looks sexy as fuck, and there’s a 4 year old attached to his hip, and an ice cream stain on his shirt,with hand santizer on his key chain, looking annoyed at the fact that he even has to be there but is happy when his kid has made a new friend,…that is the man for you.

A real father puts his kids and their happiness above anyone, even their own happiness. A real father is a man that can step up to the plate at any given time, whether he’s happy about it or not, but if his son is happy,….that’s all that matters!!!

Until next time

For the record, this was not a personal attack towards my own father, but it is a perfect example!

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