Where the fuck did the time go?

I remember my first day of elementary school without my sister.

I remember my first train ride by myself to my middle school.

I even remember my back to school outfit for high school (my hair was in half twistees, curly on the bottom, I had a white tank top and baby blue windbreakers and a blue tie that I stole from my grandfather)

All of this seems like it was just yesterday, and here I am,…a mother and a wife. Where did the time go? This is nuts.

I remember every day after school in middle school, I would go across the street and play in the park. In the summer, I would run thru the sprinklers and buy water balloons. We used to play manhunt and the haunted house was base. I remember having competitions on who could “pump” on the swings higher. I even remember being horrified of the lemon-drop.

I remember everyday hanging out in the football field with my high school boyfriend. And when it got too cold, I used to go to a friend’s house, just to avoid going home. In the summer we used to walk to Coney Island beach, and run into the water with just our underwear on. I remember hanging out by the handball courts, and swearing I was the best (even though I wasn’t). I remember hearing music in my head and dancing to randomness. ‘Til this day, they still make fun of me.

I remember every year looking at the “You cannot purchase tobacco unless your birthday is on or before today_(insert year here)_” and going crazy when the year finally turned to ’88. I was now able to legally buy tobacco, and only 4 more years til I am able to legally buy alcohol.

I remember leaving all my friends behind and growing up!

And now here I am, making plans on the weekends to see which toddler birthday party I’m going to go to. Here I am watching my kids run thru the sprinklers, and throwing water balloons down the slide to make the slide down more slippery. I am trying to find the perfect seat in where I can see all the exits of the park and make sure that I keep my eyes on all of them. Instead of going out, here I am rushing home to be able to spend more time with my kids so they don’t forget about me. So I can take them to the backyard, or to the park. Or to even be able to watch a movie with them.

Now I go into grocery stores and I see the legal age to purchase tobacco or alcohol is from the 90’s. I was AROUND in the 90’s.

I don’t even feel as old as I am, but what the hell. Where did the time go?

When did I become the adult?

So now I have to ask,….(cuz most of my friends are my age,..) What was your favorite 90’s memory???

Until Next Time

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