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History Time:

My mom works in a hospital & has worked in the SAME hospital for a little over 20 years now! When we lived in Brooklyn the hospital was about a 12 – 15 block walk. Which is not far when you look at Brooklyn blocks compared to Manhattan blocks. All my major surgeries and doctor visits were here because my mom worked there and knew doctors and nurses there that can “move my file to the front.”

Not so far into History:
Last year, my cousin was admitted into the hospital 3 times within a 2 month time frame. All for about the same reason. Except she went to 2 different hospitals. The first 2 times she went to this other hospital who kind of just kept her there on medicine and starved her, in hopes that it would make her feel better. First visit she stayed for about 4 days. Second visit (a week later) was the same crap. Medicine, no food, get better, leave. Obviously, she wasn’t getting better, and it wasn’t a matter of not taking care of herself, no, its because she wasn’t being treated properly the first time around. And the third and final time, she went to my mom’s hospital. Where all the nurses where claiming to be family members to her, so she can be admitted faster. And that’s were she was in a coma for 2 days.

Luckily for us, they fixed her! Or else she wouldn’t be with us today. But it’s pathetic that in order to get any GOOD health care, you have to know someone. She was admitted twice before, and was kept in the hospital for weeks, for no reason at all!

When I moved to Queens, I would still commute to Brooklyn for all my medical needs. By train, that is a 2 hour commute. By car, that is a 45 minute commute. When I gave birth, I drove (my mom drove) that 25 minute (it was 6 in the morning, no traffic) commute, so that I can go to her job, and give birth.

While I was not the 1st one there, I was the 1st admitted.

Gave birth, was the 1st to be given a room. And was the 1st to be discharged.

You get my point right??

Present Time:
Last week when we went to the beach (and I lost my child) my nephew was bit by something. Not sure if it happened there or before hand. But the beach made it worst (on our defense, we didn’t know it was there cuz he didn’t tell us) and eventually it got infected. My niece ended up with the same bites on her stomach & legs. It was hurting them so much, and they were both getting fevers, that there mom finally decided to take them to the doctor. When there, they were admitted into the hospital as “contagious” put into the same room, and told that it would be 48 hours before they were discharged, giving them enough time to diagnose the infection.
This was Wednesday. 24 hours passed, no doctors. 48 hours passed, still stuck in the same room, with nothing to do, but sit and wait. And becausethey were considered “contagious” they couldn’t leave the room to play with the other kids in the play area. The 48 hours was Friday. And on Friday, they tell her, “Nope, no results, you have to stay here ’til Monday.” Which in code means, “Doctors are lazy & have the weekend off. Tough Shit!”

For five days they were in the hospital, putting cream on there infections, just to come with the results “it’s an infection, give them antibiotics.”

This is exactly why I hate hospitals! And doctors! And why I hate going to them!

These doctors go to school for 8 to 12 years to do shit with there lives. It’s never as interesting as ER or Grey’s Anatomy. It seems the only time they ever pay any attention to a patient (and barely that, since my cousin was in a coma and they did nothing to prevent it) is when it’s on TV with a terminal illness and it makes for a good, edge of your seat, episode.

Something to think About:

Have you ever watched the documentary “Sicko” by Michael Moore?

It talks about how health care in US sucks so much. He gave examples, in Canada an emergency room visit is only about a 45 minute wait. And that’s the longest estimated time for a wait. In Europe, they have a 24 hour medical service that provides house calls by physician.  Government provides social services, such as health care, public education (including universities), vacation and day care for $1 an hour and neonatal support that includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry services for new mothers.
Guess how much all of that cost? Nothing! It’s all free because there taxes are paying for all the medical attention is needed. Even prescriptions are free. While here even our co-pays are something we can’t afford, people under 16 and over 60 pay nothing, all others is a flat rate of 7.50 Euros (about $12)

According to the documentary, over 50 million Americans have no health insurance and over half of the ones that do are victims of insurance fraud. He gave an example of a man, who cut off two of his finger tips, and they had to be sewn back in. But because he didn’t have insurance, or a means to pay for it, they could only sew one finger back.

In the documentary, Moore states that Guantanamo Bay is considered US territory; meanwhile, they are getting better health care than those who work for a living, those with fatal diseases, and those who really need that health care. Michael Moore and a handful of 9/11 victims went to Guantanamo Bay and were turned away. They went to Cuba and received prescription at a low affordable rate, the SAME prescription they were receiving in United States for pocket change, $2, $5, $10. And they received full health coverage. In where here, it would cost us an arm and a leg, there, all that is required your name and birthday.

If you look at the statistics, doctors in the US could work 60 to 80 hours weeks and their yearly income is about 120K-160K. While overseas, doctors work about 40 hour weeks and have a yearly income ranges from 200K Euros – 550K Euros (which is about $350K – $700K). And that’s only starting off. A doctor gets paid based on how his patient progress in health. What does this mean? Let’s say your doctor treats you for high cholesterol, in a matter of 6 months if your cholesterol drops, then you doctor is doing a great job therefore deserves to be paid more. What doctor here even gives a shit about our health, as long as they’re getting paid right?

A lot to process right? Makes you want to move to a place where taxes are higher, but people are healthier.

Please feel free to comment on our corrupt medical system, cause I know I’m not the only one out there that would prefer to “sweat out the fever” then to go to a hospital.

So who has it better? US or Everywhere else?

Please keep in mind these statistics are from 2007.

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