I hate when you wake up early and get all your shit done early and leave the house early and you get to work late.

WTF? I could have easily saved myself the 20 minutes of rest that I could have gotten if I knew I was going to arrive to work @ this time.

I hate the fact that the metrocard cost has gone up soo drastically it’s embarrassing!!!

I remember when the value of a train ride was $1.50. And now it has magically sky-rocketed up to $2.25? It’s ridiculous. You want to raise the cost of living and transportation but you won’t give me a raise on my paycheck! I don’t know what you’ve heard but last I checked, money doesn’t grow on trees! I have to work for my income, and at that I have to budget accordingly to ensure I have @ LEAST $23.50 to get to work on a weekly basis.

And that $23.50 only guarantees me to and from work on a 5 day work week.

So the MTA has done some changes to their system this past week, and for the past week and a half, I’ve had to leave my house early just to end up @ work at the same time as always if not later. It’s taken me forever to find a way to get home, cuz they’ve changed express trains to local trains and taken away and added new lines.

Ughh,……it all makes no sense,…and it sucks even more cuz this isn’t the 1st time in my life time that the train system has changed.

I remember when the B train used to run around my Brooklyn home. Then that quickly changed to the W train,..which quickly changed to the D train. And now 5 years later, they eliminate the W line all together. Wtf was the point of putting it in service in the first place? Which the same thing could be said about the V line.

When the changes started happening most of my FB friends were bitching about how long it had taken them to get to work, (myself being one of those people of course) and some even suggested boycotting the MTA. Boycotting the MTA is like boycotting McDonald’s. You get bad customer service, and you swear never to go into a McDonald’s ever again. Do you think they care? Ha, no, cuz there are hundreds, of thousands, of millions of people in NYC alone, that will still go there. Boycotting the MTA is pointless! Cuz unless you plan to walk for 4 hour every morning and evening to get to work, or unless you can hitch a ride with a friend and pay for the ridiculous gas prices and tolls and PARKING in Manhattan, the MTA is very much-needed.

Ugh,….the MTA is a love/hate relationship. Much like the one with the opposite sex. MTA annoy the crap outta u, but you can’t live without em.

Pshhh if you’re a New Yorker,…then you’ve had your fair share of MTA issues,….don’t forget to leave them in my comment box so I don’t feel alone?  -__-

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