So I totally had another blog prepared for you, but life took a different toll and I’m not going to post that one. Instead I will post this one, and when I decide to post my other one I will reference this one, so you guys know!!!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been bitchy lately, and it sucks!

The day I posted that blog I came to work looking exhausted.

My body and mind were feeling fine and then one by one all my co-workers started telling me how drained I looked. I looked tired etc.

I went to the bathroom and I saw they were right, no amount of makeup or hairproduct could hide the fact of how stressed I’ve been looking. I finished all my work and I left for the day, and I went home, and like a domino effect, everyone, including the kids were saying how crappy I looked.

So everyone left and left me and my baby alone to catch up on our beauty sleep!! Whew I really needed it. I woke up in the middle of the evening cuz of the baby, and I felt myself, I had swollen glands and a mild fever. Oh crap! I hope the baby doesn’t get it too, especially with kids, cuz everyone knows how fast they get sick!

I take some medicine and go back to sleep, and I wake up feeling a little (not fully better.)

I get a call from my mom saying that we’re going to the beach, so the mom in me prepares everything. The blanket, the clothes, the food, the sunblock, the toys, the music. Everything. I have everything prepared.

Fast forward to the beach.

We set camp right next to the little playground by keyspan park. And all adults alternate turns to look up and make sure all kids are there. All the kids were accounted for, so me and my husband decided to go for a nice little romantic walk on the pier. But before we did so, we decided to take one more glance at the kids before we left.

Boy number 1,….check
Boy number 2,….boy number 2????

“Uhmmm babe,……our son is NOT here,..”
“Yeah, I can see that!”
“Where the fuck is my son?”
“I don’t know.”

Insert panick mode. Fellow parents saw that we lost our son, and started calling his name. They told the lifeguards, we’re describing our son to them. WTF my son is 2 years old, my son can’t do anything. He barely speaks at that. Omg, what would happen if I never got him back? Ok grab both kids, take them to our spot on the beach.

“Mami stay with them. Kids don’t go anywhere.”

My husband starts going in one direction going to each life guard station. I go under the pier to look for them and stumble upon the lifeguard. Somebody already told him my son went missing. He told me I needed to tell the police. I ran to the boardwalk to look for the police, meanwhile my aunt is going the opposite direction, checking out the pier, maybe he went there.

Where the fuck is the police when you friggen need one. I walk all the way to stillwell avenue with no acess to a police officer (on fourth of July weekend). At every corner, at every baby’s cry, at every child yelling “mami” I was looking to make sure it wasn’t my son. Why can’t I see him? Why can’t I hear him? There’s no way that my son wouldve walked this far by himself, I have to turn back, maybe he walked the opposite direction by himself. What the fuck is my son thinking walking by himself. Why the hell has no one said anything about a toddler walking by himself. Please let me find him.

As if in slow motion, I turn around, and there is my father’s sister, she runs towards me and when I catch her eye she looks at me and nods.

I wanted to get on my knees and cry! But just to make sure we met in the middle, and she tells me “they found him. He’s with your mom right now.”

I didn’t even care to know where he was. I just wanted to know that my baby was ok. I ran back to where we situated ourselves, and there, in the sand, I see three little heads. The curliest one being my son! I run as fast as the sun would allow me and I grab him, all fun of sand and I shower him with my kisses and my tears! Why would my son do this to me. I was so terrified. I was scared that the worst thing happened to him! But thank God he was safe, I don’t know what I would do without him.

As I was kissing him, he’s trying to squirm his way away from me! He’s telling me to get off of him! No baby, I will never let you go ever again!!! We’re going to the first available doctor and attaching you back to my umbilical cord, so that way I know that you will ALWAYs be with me!

Ok, that’s a bit clingy even for a mom, but my heart melted. So finally,….I ask my husband,…..where was he???

Like the lifeguard told us, he told us to go to each life guard station, most people bring lost kids to them and they just chill there until there parents find them. He’s walking to each life guard stand, and one by one he doesn’t see his son! As he gets to one life guard, he hears a strong cry, mid sentence and runs towards it, and these two ladies have found our son and were taking him to the nearby lifeguard. They found a toddler roaming around without parents, about to enter Luna Park! How does my son even know to travel to Luna Park by himself? That’s so far away. What the hell was he thinking? This little boy has some balls on him! As I’m kissing and loving him, and thanking God that he is back and safe, he’s brushing me off of him telling me to get off of him.. The nerve of this little boy telling me to get off of him, meanwhile he just scared the living crap of me.

We started taking turns watching the every second of every minute of every hour. We were not letting them out of our site for the life of me, and for every second that I blinked, I felt myself crying. How could I possibly lose my son? It hurt so much at the thought of him not being with me. I texted my cousin and I told her, and we both agreed we’re getting them neon yellow matching bathing suits lolsz with radars!! LMFAO.

And when I told that to my mom, she laughed at me, and explained that this is the reason she got matching EVERYTHING for my cousin, my sister and myself. And it’s funny, cuz she lost me and my cousin once at the beach before. Hmm,….maybe my mom is the bad luck charm….

Doesn’t matter because I am NEVER going to the beach again with more than one kid. And when I do, they will ALL be old enough to understand that they have to stay nearby.

I’m sure that you have gotten lost once or twice at the beach, or have even lost your own, I would love to hear your stories. Don’t forget to share your stories in the comment areas.

Until Next Time with 3 kids on my plate,


NH ❤

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