Lately, I’ve found myself in a more argumentative mood. And because of it, I have to pause, rewind, playback in my head, and analyze the situation,…and proceed in a different manner.

I promise you, if it was not for my husband, my ass would have white hairs from all the stress I cause myself for no damn reason!!!

So, I’m sitting at work the other day, and I get the MOST annoying person call me. He starts yelling at me, and telling me off and cursing at me, everything and anything in between. I got home, and I was so stressed about it and I complained to my husband like usual, he sits me down as if to start a speech, looks me in the eyes and tells me, “babe,.hate to tell you this,but, that’s you.”

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate when people prove me wrong? Well I hate it. And my husband did just that!

There’s a reason every time something needs to get done (as far as bitching @ people goes) my mom and sister come to me. My long-lost father, who doesn’t even KNOW me, knows I’m the person to run to if you wanna get something done. I’m a bitcher. The number ONE person to accomplish things with my mouth alone (that’s what she said lol) is me!

I sat there and I started to analyze all my bitchyness!!

You know when you watch TV and there’s a moment where they all have a flashback of all events that occurred in there lives?

The second I was repeating the story outloud to my husband, my whole bitchy-ness life style just flashed before me! While my bitchy-ness has gotten me a long way, my controlling personality has overpowered that and mixed together, I make up for a hot mess!!!

Oh lord, what am I to do now?????

All of “me” is cooking up a nasty storm,…are we ready for Hurricane Nadyne to hit New York?

Until next ’til time