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F*** You

It sucks having to be the responisble one the one that people always run to. The one that people always look for advice!

I cannot help you. Fuck I could barely help myself!!

Just screw this, screw you, screw life, let me be.

Give me a day to just breathe and be one with my thought!

I can’t fucken take this,..not even my thoughts want to listen to me anymore. Even my thoughts need a vacation from the world!!

So here I lay, down to sleep! Please wake me up next week, when the world has moved forward without me while my mind is here, on a vacation with my pillow!!!

Until Next Time


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Lindsay Lohan,..lost cause?

So, I’ve been meaning to touch base on this whole Lindsay Lohan fiasco!

I just rolled my eyes writing that by the way.

Honestly I’m just tired of celebrities getting away with all this bull shit, meanwhile if they were poor and little no body’s like the rest of us, shit would go off the wall.

Summary of Lindsay Lohan

  • Awesome child actor.
  • Great movies.
  • Parents don’t give a shit.
  • Trying to bring little sister down with her
  • Caught drunk and high put on probation
  • Get arrest 2 years later for violating her probation

So here’s my view. She’s DUM!!!! WTH,….if she doesn’t care about HER life, then why should the world. She obviously knows what she’s doing is wrong, and she keeps doing it. She was ordered by courts to stop and she doesn’t change. So wtf!!

Do I think that this experience in jail is going to change her? Hell no! Time and time again, she has been told and ordered and demanded to do the right thing, and she keeps on doing the same crap over and over again. She’s not even taking this sentence seriously. She’s scheduled to be serving 90 days in jail, but because of “overcrowding” she should be out by August 1st or second.

That’s just annoying. What’s the point of serving 83 minutes? 23 days? In jail? You could’ve killed somebody and then what? I bet 14 days in prison would make up for that life.

There are certain celebrities, that I feel have changed when they got in trouble the first time and actually took the lesson in.

  • Paris Hilton (heiress)
  • Nicole Richie (daughter to Lionel Richie)
  • Khloe Kardashian (reality TV star)
  • Shia LaBeouf (Actor)
  • John Mayer (Singer)

Others, it’s like a fucken vacation for them or a “boost in career”

  • OJ Simpson (NFL)
  • Mel Gibson (Actor)
  • Amy Winehouse (Singer)
  • Charlie Sheen (Actor)
  • Heather Locklear (Actress)
  • Snoop Dogg (Rapper)
  • Sebastian Bach (Rocker)
  • Mischa Barton (Actress)
  • Bobbie Brown (R&B)
  • Orlando Brown (Actor – That’s So Raven)
  • Aaron Carter (singer)
  • Whitney Houston (singer)

The sad part is that we all go along with this, and then they get into Celebrity Rehab and rise up to stardom all over again

  • Jeff Conaway (actor – Greese)
  • Seth “Shifty” Binzer (singer – Crazy Town)
  • Sean Stewart (Rod Stewart’s son)
  • Amber Smith (American Model)
  • Rodney King (Victim of Police Brutally)
  • Nikki McKibbin (2nd runner up of Season 1 American Idol)
  • Steven Adler (drummer – Guns ‘n Roses)
  • Mary Carey (porn star)
  • Heidi Fleiss (TV personality)
  • Dennis Rodman (NBA)
  • Jennie Ketcham (Porn Star)
  • Kari Ann Peniche (Former Beauty Queen)
  • Kendra Jade Rossi (porn star)
  • Tom Sizemore  (Actor – Pearl Harbor)
  • Mike Starr (Bassist – Alice in Chains)

The even sadder part is do you know how many celebrities have died from drug abuse? Just to name a few

  • Michael Jackson (King of Pop)
  • Marilyn Monroe (sex symbol)
  • Jimi Hendrix (guitarist)
  • Bruce Lee (martial artist)
  • Freddie Prinze (comedian)
  • Elvis Presley (King of Rock)
  • Anna Nicole Smith (model)
  • Heath Ledger (Actor)
  • John Belushi (Actor)
  • Billie Holiday (jazz singer)
  • Judy Garland (Singer – Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
  • Adam Goldstein (AKA DJ AM)
  • Paul Gray (Guitarist – Slipknot)
  • Chase Tatum (Wrestler)
  • Ike Turner (Musician)

Celebrities are constantly doing bad things and not getting fair punishment. You would think that with all the deaths going on, and KNOWING between right and wrong, they wouldn’t do them. They do things that normally people would be put in jail for.  How can the system be considered just if people who have more money or people in the spot light can get off so easily?  Something needs to be done so that these people get treated like everyone else.

Until next time

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A Father is a Father When,….

Have u ever seen one of those guys in the street with a diaper bag on his shoulder, & a 4 year old kid that is crying, and here he is, trying to comfort the child by hugging and kissing him and telling him that everything is going to be ok??

These are the guys that went on Maury to prove that they are NOT the father

of this baby because there baby mom’s is a whore. And then at the end of the show, Mauryopens his envelope and says “John Doe, in the case of 3 year old Jane Doe, you ARE the father” and then this is the part where you enter the dramatic “Told you so”

How can I tell??

A real father, one that is around on a regular basis, would not be hugging and kissing his child. He would very nicely look at him ask him what’s wrong, the child would say he wants candy, daddy would say no, child would throw a tantrum, daddy gets back down and whispers something in child’s ear, child then starts whimpering and stomping but continues to walk holding daddy’s. What did daddy say? Daddy told him, “You better stop crying, or else you’ll see what happens when we get home.” Oh does this child KNOW what happens at home. Child’s father on the other hand, would nurture and give in and give child the candy? Why? Because father thinks that this one piece of candy will fix him not being around the past 3 years of it’s life. And children are so simple. This piece of candy did do just that. For the next 15 minutes at least.

A real father, goes to toy store randomly to pick something up for his kids becausethey deserve it. He knows WHAT they like, WHAT they want, and most of all, WHAT won’t annoy him when he wants a moment to kick back and watch 5 minutes of the game without being interrupted. A Child’s father, goes online and tries to buy these big, annoying, expensive gifts. But before doing so, they walk into the toy store, they look around so completely lost, the sales person working on commission sees this as a big deal and runs over, “hi sir, how can I help you?” “Uhmmm, I’m buying a toy for my son.” “oh well you’ve come to the right place, how old is your son.” “He’s (thinks) this big (gesturing hand to around hip).”
The sales person smiles, nods, and blinks dollar signs. And that’s how his kid, got a $500 hot wheel!

A real father, plans bbq and parties for any and all occasions. A good party is wherethe kids have there fun, and the adults aren’t annoyed by “daddy daddy look what I can do.” A child’s father, would arrive at a party late with a stuff teddy under his arm and expects the child to run to him and praise him for the little teddy bear!

A real father, appreciates sleep but even more, when his son wakes him up with cereal, bacon, eggs, pancakes, orange juice and coffee all put into one bowl. A real father appreciates the effort his son just put into trying to create a meal for him.  A child’s father, would treat his kid to McDonald’s and get him TWO toys instead of just one like all the average kids, and expect this to be the greatest relationship of all time.
And for all you single ladies, that think that a man with a child is

cute, look @ how he’s dressed. Is he looking so fine that you can’t turn him down, meanwhile his kid is right next to him eating a melted ice cream vanialla cone with sprinkles? Or look at how he treats him. Is it with love, compassion, and patience??? Then this is not the man for you. He’s not even there for his own son, he barely knows his son, there’s no way he can be there for you.

Now, if you see a sexy man, wearing jeans and a button down and he looks sexy as fuck, and there’s a 4 year old attached to his hip, and an ice cream stain on his shirt,with hand santizer on his key chain, looking annoyed at the fact that he even has to be there but is happy when his kid has made a new friend,…that is the man for you.

A real father puts his kids and their happiness above anyone, even their own happiness. A real father is a man that can step up to the plate at any given time, whether he’s happy about it or not, but if his son is happy,….that’s all that matters!!!

Until next time

For the record, this was not a personal attack towards my own father, but it is a perfect example!

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Grown Ups

Where the fuck did the time go?

I remember my first day of elementary school without my sister.

I remember my first train ride by myself to my middle school.

I even remember my back to school outfit for high school (my hair was in half twistees, curly on the bottom, I had a white tank top and baby blue windbreakers and a blue tie that I stole from my grandfather)

All of this seems like it was just yesterday, and here I am,…a mother and a wife. Where did the time go? This is nuts.

I remember every day after school in middle school, I would go across the street and play in the park. In the summer, I would run thru the sprinklers and buy water balloons. We used to play manhunt and the haunted house was base. I remember having competitions on who could “pump” on the swings higher. I even remember being horrified of the lemon-drop.

I remember everyday hanging out in the football field with my high school boyfriend. And when it got too cold, I used to go to a friend’s house, just to avoid going home. In the summer we used to walk to Coney Island beach, and run into the water with just our underwear on. I remember hanging out by the handball courts, and swearing I was the best (even though I wasn’t). I remember hearing music in my head and dancing to randomness. ‘Til this day, they still make fun of me.

I remember every year looking at the “You cannot purchase tobacco unless your birthday is on or before today_(insert year here)_” and going crazy when the year finally turned to ’88. I was now able to legally buy tobacco, and only 4 more years til I am able to legally buy alcohol.

I remember leaving all my friends behind and growing up!

And now here I am, making plans on the weekends to see which toddler birthday party I’m going to go to. Here I am watching my kids run thru the sprinklers, and throwing water balloons down the slide to make the slide down more slippery. I am trying to find the perfect seat in where I can see all the exits of the park and make sure that I keep my eyes on all of them. Instead of going out, here I am rushing home to be able to spend more time with my kids so they don’t forget about me. So I can take them to the backyard, or to the park. Or to even be able to watch a movie with them.

Now I go into grocery stores and I see the legal age to purchase tobacco or alcohol is from the 90’s. I was AROUND in the 90’s.

I don’t even feel as old as I am, but what the hell. Where did the time go?

When did I become the adult?

So now I have to ask,….(cuz most of my friends are my age,..) What was your favorite 90’s memory???

Until Next Time

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Diseases, Infections & Germs, Oh MY!

So many thoughts running thru my head, I really don’t even know how to start this blog!


History Time:

My mom works in a hospital & has worked in the SAME hospital for a little over 20 years now! When we lived in Brooklyn the hospital was about a 12 – 15 block walk. Which is not far when you look at Brooklyn blocks compared to Manhattan blocks. All my major surgeries and doctor visits were here because my mom worked there and knew doctors and nurses there that can “move my file to the front.”

Not so far into History:
Last year, my cousin was admitted into the hospital 3 times within a 2 month time frame. All for about the same reason. Except she went to 2 different hospitals. The first 2 times she went to this other hospital who kind of just kept her there on medicine and starved her, in hopes that it would make her feel better. First visit she stayed for about 4 days. Second visit (a week later) was the same crap. Medicine, no food, get better, leave. Obviously, she wasn’t getting better, and it wasn’t a matter of not taking care of herself, no, its because she wasn’t being treated properly the first time around. And the third and final time, she went to my mom’s hospital. Where all the nurses where claiming to be family members to her, so she can be admitted faster. And that’s were she was in a coma for 2 days.

Luckily for us, they fixed her! Or else she wouldn’t be with us today. But it’s pathetic that in order to get any GOOD health care, you have to know someone. She was admitted twice before, and was kept in the hospital for weeks, for no reason at all!

When I moved to Queens, I would still commute to Brooklyn for all my medical needs. By train, that is a 2 hour commute. By car, that is a 45 minute commute. When I gave birth, I drove (my mom drove) that 25 minute (it was 6 in the morning, no traffic) commute, so that I can go to her job, and give birth.

While I was not the 1st one there, I was the 1st admitted.

Gave birth, was the 1st to be given a room. And was the 1st to be discharged.

You get my point right??

Present Time:
Last week when we went to the beach (and I lost my child) my nephew was bit by something. Not sure if it happened there or before hand. But the beach made it worst (on our defense, we didn’t know it was there cuz he didn’t tell us) and eventually it got infected. My niece ended up with the same bites on her stomach & legs. It was hurting them so much, and they were both getting fevers, that there mom finally decided to take them to the doctor. When there, they were admitted into the hospital as “contagious” put into the same room, and told that it would be 48 hours before they were discharged, giving them enough time to diagnose the infection.
This was Wednesday. 24 hours passed, no doctors. 48 hours passed, still stuck in the same room, with nothing to do, but sit and wait. And becausethey were considered “contagious” they couldn’t leave the room to play with the other kids in the play area. The 48 hours was Friday. And on Friday, they tell her, “Nope, no results, you have to stay here ’til Monday.” Which in code means, “Doctors are lazy & have the weekend off. Tough Shit!”

For five days they were in the hospital, putting cream on there infections, just to come with the results “it’s an infection, give them antibiotics.”

This is exactly why I hate hospitals! And doctors! And why I hate going to them!

These doctors go to school for 8 to 12 years to do shit with there lives. It’s never as interesting as ER or Grey’s Anatomy. It seems the only time they ever pay any attention to a patient (and barely that, since my cousin was in a coma and they did nothing to prevent it) is when it’s on TV with a terminal illness and it makes for a good, edge of your seat, episode.

Something to think About:

Have you ever watched the documentary “Sicko” by Michael Moore?

It talks about how health care in US sucks so much. He gave examples, in Canada an emergency room visit is only about a 45 minute wait. And that’s the longest estimated time for a wait. In Europe, they have a 24 hour medical service that provides house calls by physician.  Government provides social services, such as health care, public education (including universities), vacation and day care for $1 an hour and neonatal support that includes cooking, cleaning, and laundry services for new mothers.
Guess how much all of that cost? Nothing! It’s all free because there taxes are paying for all the medical attention is needed. Even prescriptions are free. While here even our co-pays are something we can’t afford, people under 16 and over 60 pay nothing, all others is a flat rate of 7.50 Euros (about $12)

According to the documentary, over 50 million Americans have no health insurance and over half of the ones that do are victims of insurance fraud. He gave an example of a man, who cut off two of his finger tips, and they had to be sewn back in. But because he didn’t have insurance, or a means to pay for it, they could only sew one finger back.

In the documentary, Moore states that Guantanamo Bay is considered US territory; meanwhile, they are getting better health care than those who work for a living, those with fatal diseases, and those who really need that health care. Michael Moore and a handful of 9/11 victims went to Guantanamo Bay and were turned away. They went to Cuba and received prescription at a low affordable rate, the SAME prescription they were receiving in United States for pocket change, $2, $5, $10. And they received full health coverage. In where here, it would cost us an arm and a leg, there, all that is required your name and birthday.

If you look at the statistics, doctors in the US could work 60 to 80 hours weeks and their yearly income is about 120K-160K. While overseas, doctors work about 40 hour weeks and have a yearly income ranges from 200K Euros – 550K Euros (which is about $350K – $700K). And that’s only starting off. A doctor gets paid based on how his patient progress in health. What does this mean? Let’s say your doctor treats you for high cholesterol, in a matter of 6 months if your cholesterol drops, then you doctor is doing a great job therefore deserves to be paid more. What doctor here even gives a shit about our health, as long as they’re getting paid right?

A lot to process right? Makes you want to move to a place where taxes are higher, but people are healthier.

Please feel free to comment on our corrupt medical system, cause I know I’m not the only one out there that would prefer to “sweat out the fever” then to go to a hospital.

So who has it better? US or Everywhere else?

Please keep in mind these statistics are from 2007.

Until Next Time,

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MTA = Mother Trucking A-Holes

I hate when you wake up early and get all your shit done early and leave the house early and you get to work late.

WTF? I could have easily saved myself the 20 minutes of rest that I could have gotten if I knew I was going to arrive to work @ this time.

I hate the fact that the metrocard cost has gone up soo drastically it’s embarrassing!!!

I remember when the value of a train ride was $1.50. And now it has magically sky-rocketed up to $2.25? It’s ridiculous. You want to raise the cost of living and transportation but you won’t give me a raise on my paycheck! I don’t know what you’ve heard but last I checked, money doesn’t grow on trees! I have to work for my income, and at that I have to budget accordingly to ensure I have @ LEAST $23.50 to get to work on a weekly basis.

And that $23.50 only guarantees me to and from work on a 5 day work week.

So the MTA has done some changes to their system this past week, and for the past week and a half, I’ve had to leave my house early just to end up @ work at the same time as always if not later. It’s taken me forever to find a way to get home, cuz they’ve changed express trains to local trains and taken away and added new lines.

Ughh,……it all makes no sense,…and it sucks even more cuz this isn’t the 1st time in my life time that the train system has changed.

I remember when the B train used to run around my Brooklyn home. Then that quickly changed to the W train,..which quickly changed to the D train. And now 5 years later, they eliminate the W line all together. Wtf was the point of putting it in service in the first place? Which the same thing could be said about the V line.

When the changes started happening most of my FB friends were bitching about how long it had taken them to get to work, (myself being one of those people of course) and some even suggested boycotting the MTA. Boycotting the MTA is like boycotting McDonald’s. You get bad customer service, and you swear never to go into a McDonald’s ever again. Do you think they care? Ha, no, cuz there are hundreds, of thousands, of millions of people in NYC alone, that will still go there. Boycotting the MTA is pointless! Cuz unless you plan to walk for 4 hour every morning and evening to get to work, or unless you can hitch a ride with a friend and pay for the ridiculous gas prices and tolls and PARKING in Manhattan, the MTA is very much-needed.

Ugh,….the MTA is a love/hate relationship. Much like the one with the opposite sex. MTA annoy the crap outta u, but you can’t live without em.

Pshhh if you’re a New Yorker,…then you’ve had your fair share of MTA issues,….don’t forget to leave them in my comment box so I don’t feel alone?  -__-

Until Next Time,
Please Swipe Again
NH ❤

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Peek-A-Boo Where’s Baby?

So I totally had another blog prepared for you, but life took a different toll and I’m not going to post that one. Instead I will post this one, and when I decide to post my other one I will reference this one, so you guys know!!!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been bitchy lately, and it sucks!

The day I posted that blog I came to work looking exhausted.

My body and mind were feeling fine and then one by one all my co-workers started telling me how drained I looked. I looked tired etc.

I went to the bathroom and I saw they were right, no amount of makeup or hairproduct could hide the fact of how stressed I’ve been looking. I finished all my work and I left for the day, and I went home, and like a domino effect, everyone, including the kids were saying how crappy I looked.

So everyone left and left me and my baby alone to catch up on our beauty sleep!! Whew I really needed it. I woke up in the middle of the evening cuz of the baby, and I felt myself, I had swollen glands and a mild fever. Oh crap! I hope the baby doesn’t get it too, especially with kids, cuz everyone knows how fast they get sick!

I take some medicine and go back to sleep, and I wake up feeling a little (not fully better.)

I get a call from my mom saying that we’re going to the beach, so the mom in me prepares everything. The blanket, the clothes, the food, the sunblock, the toys, the music. Everything. I have everything prepared.

Fast forward to the beach.

We set camp right next to the little playground by keyspan park. And all adults alternate turns to look up and make sure all kids are there. All the kids were accounted for, so me and my husband decided to go for a nice little romantic walk on the pier. But before we did so, we decided to take one more glance at the kids before we left.

Boy number 1,….check
Boy number 2,….boy number 2????

“Uhmmm babe,……our son is NOT here,..”
“Yeah, I can see that!”
“Where the fuck is my son?”
“I don’t know.”

Insert panick mode. Fellow parents saw that we lost our son, and started calling his name. They told the lifeguards, we’re describing our son to them. WTF my son is 2 years old, my son can’t do anything. He barely speaks at that. Omg, what would happen if I never got him back? Ok grab both kids, take them to our spot on the beach.

“Mami stay with them. Kids don’t go anywhere.”

My husband starts going in one direction going to each life guard station. I go under the pier to look for them and stumble upon the lifeguard. Somebody already told him my son went missing. He told me I needed to tell the police. I ran to the boardwalk to look for the police, meanwhile my aunt is going the opposite direction, checking out the pier, maybe he went there.

Where the fuck is the police when you friggen need one. I walk all the way to stillwell avenue with no acess to a police officer (on fourth of July weekend). At every corner, at every baby’s cry, at every child yelling “mami” I was looking to make sure it wasn’t my son. Why can’t I see him? Why can’t I hear him? There’s no way that my son wouldve walked this far by himself, I have to turn back, maybe he walked the opposite direction by himself. What the fuck is my son thinking walking by himself. Why the hell has no one said anything about a toddler walking by himself. Please let me find him.

As if in slow motion, I turn around, and there is my father’s sister, she runs towards me and when I catch her eye she looks at me and nods.

I wanted to get on my knees and cry! But just to make sure we met in the middle, and she tells me “they found him. He’s with your mom right now.”

I didn’t even care to know where he was. I just wanted to know that my baby was ok. I ran back to where we situated ourselves, and there, in the sand, I see three little heads. The curliest one being my son! I run as fast as the sun would allow me and I grab him, all fun of sand and I shower him with my kisses and my tears! Why would my son do this to me. I was so terrified. I was scared that the worst thing happened to him! But thank God he was safe, I don’t know what I would do without him.

As I was kissing him, he’s trying to squirm his way away from me! He’s telling me to get off of him! No baby, I will never let you go ever again!!! We’re going to the first available doctor and attaching you back to my umbilical cord, so that way I know that you will ALWAYs be with me!

Ok, that’s a bit clingy even for a mom, but my heart melted. So finally,….I ask my husband,…..where was he???

Like the lifeguard told us, he told us to go to each life guard station, most people bring lost kids to them and they just chill there until there parents find them. He’s walking to each life guard stand, and one by one he doesn’t see his son! As he gets to one life guard, he hears a strong cry, mid sentence and runs towards it, and these two ladies have found our son and were taking him to the nearby lifeguard. They found a toddler roaming around without parents, about to enter Luna Park! How does my son even know to travel to Luna Park by himself? That’s so far away. What the hell was he thinking? This little boy has some balls on him! As I’m kissing and loving him, and thanking God that he is back and safe, he’s brushing me off of him telling me to get off of him.. The nerve of this little boy telling me to get off of him, meanwhile he just scared the living crap of me.

We started taking turns watching the every second of every minute of every hour. We were not letting them out of our site for the life of me, and for every second that I blinked, I felt myself crying. How could I possibly lose my son? It hurt so much at the thought of him not being with me. I texted my cousin and I told her, and we both agreed we’re getting them neon yellow matching bathing suits lolsz with radars!! LMFAO.

And when I told that to my mom, she laughed at me, and explained that this is the reason she got matching EVERYTHING for my cousin, my sister and myself. And it’s funny, cuz she lost me and my cousin once at the beach before. Hmm,….maybe my mom is the bad luck charm….

Doesn’t matter because I am NEVER going to the beach again with more than one kid. And when I do, they will ALL be old enough to understand that they have to stay nearby.

I’m sure that you have gotten lost once or twice at the beach, or have even lost your own, I would love to hear your stories. Don’t forget to share your stories in the comment areas.

Until Next Time with 3 kids on my plate,


NH ❤

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