The first day I met you, I thought you were fiiiinnneeeeee!!!!!!

But I didn’t think anything of it, you were taken by one of my close friends, and I had my eye on someone else to,..

The second time we met, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. And that’s when you told me to add you on myspace. And I did!

And so the epic journey of Nadyne and Harts begins.

With our significant others being friends, it was only a matter of time before we became close. It was matter of time when our eyes would finally meet and we realize that we were going to be there together forever.

You were always there for me. You were there when family was a problem, when high school was an issue, you were there when I wanted to just be a lazy fuck and live my life at home. You were my best friend when I needed one, you were my mentor when no one was around. You showed me I could be so much more than just a “pretty face.”

And then, everything turned around. When you needed me, and I didn’t turn my back on you. When everyone left you and me and you were the only ones left. It was this moment, that I knew I could never leave you.

We had a secret relationship, a relationship that we soon grew to cherish, and to love. A relationship that soon became more than just two people. But became much more than that, when we both had our beautiful baby Hart!

I knew I loved you, when I saw you face your fear and danced with my mother for the first time.

I knew I loved you, when you looked past all my flaws.

I knew I loved you, the first time you introduced me to your mother.

I knew it was real, the first time we were intimate with each other. When I felt the fire crackers going off with just your touch.

I knew that you would be the man that I married, when my family threatened to move away, but you never once doubted us.

I knew that the love was real when you put that ring on my finger, and promised me forever.

I knew that I could love no other, when you beat the odds and stayed with me even after the big news, I’m 19 and pregnant.

I knew you stole my heart, when we created a home together, from scratch and that no matter what, I would sleep next to you forever.

I knew that my love for you would remain the same when I saw our bundle of joy for the first time, when I saw that my little angel looked like the man that I would love eternally.

I know that no matter the struggles, obstacles, problems, wrong that we do to each other, I know that at the end of the day our love for each other will concur it all.

Because your kisses, your touch, your words, makes everything better. Your patience and understanding and wisdom is worth what we have.

I can’t imagine any other lips on mine, any other fingers intertwined between mine, any other hugs holding me, or any other eyes looking at me the way yours do.

Because though we’re flawed, you will always be the perfect man for me.

I love you with all my hart ❤

❤ Harts, Nadyne and baby Hart ❤