When you begin a treasure hunt you always start from the very beginning. You see where “X” is but you have to pass all the obstacles to get thru to reach your “X”

My “X” is a FULL blown family reunion with everyone on my father’s side!

My starting point was that facebook message on Valentine’s Day from my uncle. I don’t know when I’ll reach my destination, but I know I’m not going to give up until I finally get there.

Step 1: Introducing myself to my father                                                                                             [check]

Step 2: Getting to know his mother, my grandmother                                                                 [check]

Step 3: Meeting my half brother and sister for the 1st time                                                          [check]

Step 4: Meet all 4 of my father’s siblings                                                                             [2 out of 4]

Step 5: Meet my cousins. A total of 7 cousins                                                                       [4 out of 7]

Step 6: Bring the family together from NY                                                                                  [check]

Step 7: Meet/speak to my grandfather                                                                              [              ]

Step 8: Bring all 11 kids in THIS generation together                                                         [6 out of 11]

Step 9: Bring all generations together                                                                                    [           ]

“X”: Bring all generations and in-laws together                                                         [           ]


Getting to the point of where I am now, was/is not easy. Me and my brother bicker so much, me and my sister have had a little heart to heart, but me and my older sister, I definitely feel the connection that we’ve gotten closer than we have been before.

I met my uncle (not the one that contacted me via facebook) for the first time. I met his daughter, my cousin, too. It didn’t go like I imagined. Like I told you, he was considered the black sheep of the family, and I could partially see why, but I had a blast with him yesterday.

I met my younger cousin as well and his mother. He is the son of my uncle that found me on facebook. I unfortunately still don’t know this uncle, but that’s cuz he lives in Florida and I’m here in grand old New York City. But they were so cool. And my cousin loves the idea of having more cousins too.  

There have been moments that I feel I need to give up. There are times that I have to recollect my thoughts and remind myself that I have to reach “X”. There are times that I have to realize that I am not expected to play God and bring these people together and make everyone get along. There are times that I cry myself to sleep because once I open one door to the family; I realize that there were more skeletons then we realized. And how do you bury something that we have just dug up ourselves?

Maybe I am getting in over my head, because lately, I feel my body and brain just draining. I feel myself ready to give up on my “X”. But I know that I can’t. I have gotten so far to give up now.

In the past 4 months, I felt like I went from 22 to 42 in a blink of an eye, and its crazy to think that someone MY age can or should even be dealing with this. But you know what?

No one ever said getting to “X” would be easy.

Until Next Time