For the last 2 weeks I have turned on my Pandora, and I have been hating on them so much! 

They have never disappointed me ever! Until these past two weeks. 

I woke up this morning, with my stomach turning and knots forming. And I’m never like this! I rarely let anything bother me, But then,..I realized today is May 27, 2010! At approximately 6pm my father’s sister (who’s my older sister’s age) is coming to visit me. 

I wasn’t really feeling anything about it. Not happy, not sad, not relaxed, it was whatever! I’m used to people coming to my house to just stay here, I am more than happy to open up my house to whoever needs a place to crash. But then for me to wake up with knots n my stomach! 

And I started realizing it’s not her, that had me feeling like this. It was myself. It was all the changes happening so fast!! 

So I get to work, I look at all the work I have to do, and I start rustling thru my paperwork, and then my co-worker starts talking about Christina Aguilera on American Idol. We start arguing because she feels Christina dresses to “slutty” for her age. I completely disagree! I love how she presents herself, I love her voice, I love her fashion sense, and I love most of all that she’s true to herself. So of COURSE I have to go on youtube and see the outfit she wore (I’m not a fan of American Idol) and it brings me back. 

They opened with “Beautiful” and continued, and I was so excited, that after I listened to Janet Jackson’s performance, I turn on my Pandora and put Christina Aguilera, and they start playing all these wonderful songs, that bring me back to when me and my sister would just start making up random dances to songs (“Break Me, Shake Me” by Savage Garden). Made me think about when my sister, my cousin and me would go to the local library and start printing out randomness about “Good Charlotte” (me) “Green Day” (my sister) “All American Rejects” (my cousin) and “Linkin Park” (all three of us). We made an entire “summer Binder” of all these artist plus more. “Bowling for Soup” “Blink 182” “Evanescence”  “The Ataris” “Simple Plan.” You know how we remembered the lyrics, we didn’t have internet so we would record the songs from the radio on to cassette tapes, and rewind it and fast forward and write down the lyrics. And each one of us were responsible for songs, certain artist sang. 


These were the good old days. The days, when neither one of us had a father and all we had were each other.

I love them 🙂

See what Pandora does??? 

Makes you reminisce lolsz. 


Either way, wish me luck!!

Until Next Time TTYL NH ❤