In 2 days it marks 5 months since the fire in my house (read here to find out what I’m talking about)

But it doesn’t mark when we moved to this new place. Sunday marked the 4th month that we have been living in this new place.

And with a new location, come new neighbors, new surroundings, new observations, and most of all new stories.

I grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. So when my mom moved us to Woodhaven, Queens, I was pissed!

I always claimed to be a Brooklyn Bound type of girl. I would always find myself to Brooklyn. Even if it meant taking a 2 hour train ride to get to my best friend’s house, just so I can be surrounded by that Brooklyn Air.

The older I got, the lazier I got. And the less I commuted to my best friend’s house. Making me more of a Queens girl! When I moved out to my own place, I looked for places in Brooklyn, but none of them appealed to me. So I went back to Woodhaven, Queens, and that’s where I stayed!

In the last year, as long as I get on the train at the same time every day, I would see the same people.

There was this Asian lady that would pace back and forth every morning in the same spot. She would talk to herself as if motivating herself that she could make it thru another day. There was this lady, who wore “mom” pants every day. Another person would always pray the rosary every morning. And without a fail, there was always this one man that every time you got on the train, would be bobbing his head back and forth and snoring.

This was my morning rituals every morning.

Until one day, it all changed.

I see this guy; he’s dressed to the nine. He has a fitted suit, hair slicked back, shoes perfectly polished and smelling like one of those guys from the “Axe” commercials. This is not out of the ordinary, because everyone is dressed while going to work, but he stole my attention because I’ve never seen him before. He was on his phone pacing back and forth. He gets a phone call; the person he is meeting is approaching the platform now. We both enter the train at the same time. He enters a different car then me.  

As I take my seat on the train, I see this beautiful lady. Her hair is made up. She has her skirt raised so she could show off her legs. I see her looking at her phone. “I’m sitting down in the first car, I don’t see you”

The handsome man walking illegally between the car doors “I’m right here. Is that you with the red shoes?”

She giggles, hangs up her phone and gestures him to sit down next to her.

Obviously these people have never met before and probably met on a dating website and figured this could be a great place to meet. Which I think it’s an awesome idea!! If you meet on the train, then you guys never know where each other lives. You don’t have to guess what the other person would like as food. If the person is boring, than you’re timed either way. You would have to split ways until one of you has to get off the train. If you don’t like the person than you could either get on a different car or take the train earlier or later. It’s a perfect plan!!!!!!!

For a few months, I saw them on the train every morning. The more the days passed, the more casual there outfits became. The more casual and annoyed they looked at each other. He would sit down and read his newspaper while she tried to get his attention.

I mentioned earlier about me finding a new place, still in Queens. Well this is why.

Every morning I would get on the train and this lady would already be on the train! And she would wait for him, and I would on the same station as he was, and I would see his anticipation to see her and her excitement once she saw him.

I’m taking the train from my new house to work every morning, and it runs along the same train line. And guess who I’m in the station with?? Yup you guessed it. Lady with the red shoes.

Now, I’m seeing her side of the relationship. Every morning she rushes to the train, she hurries to the end of the platform she has to be on. She takes out her compact mirror and fixes her hair. She already has make-up on, but she still powders her face and puts on a little lip-gloss to make her lips extra shiny. She walks into the train, smells herself to be sure she’s clean, checks her mirror one more time, smells her breath, takes a piece of gum, and as we approach the station before her handsome beau, she throws the gum away. As we get to his station, she is relaxed and calm, and looks so down to earth.

I now see her efforts to make it work for him. While he was TOO down to earth, she was fixing herself to make herself beautiful. And she anxiously awaits the arrivals of her beau, and he sits down and reads his newspaper.

So, in the last 4 months, as long as I get on the train at the same time every day, I would see the same people every morning. I saw the Asian lady that would pace back and forth every morning in the same spot, get on the train. I saw the lady with the “mom” pants. I still saw the person praying the rosary every morning. And without a fail, I see the man getting on the train and start bobbing his head back and forth and snoring.

And with a new location, come new surroundings, new observations, and most of all a different side to the stories we already knew.

Until Next Time

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