Yeah really expressed my anger there right? lmfao 

But no, seriously, all jokes aside, I hate men!!!! 


No0o0o I’m not a lesbian,….but I just hate how society classifies men and women differently. And it’s not only men and women. Because a white woman gets treated different than a black woman. You know why? Because society is so effed up it’s ridiculous. 

But I’m actually getting off topic. 


One of my co-workers is getting married and she has actually been reaching out to me a lot to help her. Because I helped my sister during her wedding and I was planning my own wedding (yes WAS ::sad face:: ) so she figured I knew cool places, which of course I did. 

So today, she FINALLY gives me her invitation to her wedding. On the card she writes, Ms. And she puts MY name. Which is wrong cuz I’m a Mrs. but whatever. On the ACTUAL invitation she put Mr. & Mrs. and my HUSBAND’s name. I joke around a lot in my office and it didn’t ACTUALLY bother me, but I bought it to her attention. Yes it is the formal way to do it, but she barely knows my husband, why would she make the invitation addressed to him. And she said because it was formal. But meanwhile on the enevolpe she wrote my name. 





I went back and forth and she kept proving my point. For my other co-worker, b.c she didn’t know her husband’s name she put Mr. & Mrs. LAST NAME. I told her she should’ve done that for me too. 

Now, all joking aside, I HATE THAT SHIT!!!! 

Why must MY offspring be named after the father? 

Why must I take HIS name when I’m getting married? 

Why? Why? WHY? 

It’s bull shit I know. 

And yes! I have my husband’s last name, but it didn’t come easy. I actually fought for to keep my name, and it was until I was signing the marriage license that I finally agreed to take his full last name. The reason he convinced me (barely cuz 2 years later I still argue my point) is because for me to have his name would mean the world to him, because of what his name and his family meant to him. The reason I hesitated is because my first name is so common. 

According to facebook there are only less than 20 people with my first name (spelling and all) and maiden name combination. But OVER 500 people with my first name (spelling and all) and married name combination. I hate being the same as everyone. 

I wanted to hyphenate my name. I didn’t care the order, I just wanted to. Obviously, that didn’t go as planned. 

Now when it came to my son, I also wanted his name hyphenated, but that was an even BIGGER fight L so I finally caved. And that’s how I came to changing my name to my husband’s name. 

In school, there was this girl that her and her mom had different last names, but all the teachers and neighbors kept calling her mom Mrs. and her daughter’s name. But for me, it was different. Me, my mom and my sister all had the same last name, so when people called my mom Mrs. MY last name, she wouldn’t hesitate to look because that’s who she was. 

When my son was first born, I had to take him to the doctors for his one week appointment. And when it was my son’s turn to go up, they kept on calling Mrs. (my son’s last name) but because I didn’t go by that, it honestly took me 5 calls before I even knew they were talking to me. My husband last name is so common that I thought she might’ve been calling someone else, especially since it wasn’t MY name.   

And I realized that if I kept my name, that’s how it was going to continue to be. I wanted to have the same last name as my son, and if that means, I have to take my husband’s common last name with my common first name and be a common name,…then so be it. At least my son won’t have to explain to people that his mother has a different name. 

So yeah, I blabbed a lot in this blog, but it’s only cuz it’s frustrating not being equal to my husband. And then when I complained about it, it’s my fault cuz I took my husband’s name. And even so, just because I took HIS name does not mean, that I am him. I am my own person and even though I am in a relationship, he does not make up who I am and I do not make up who he is. 

Mr. & Mrs.


I don’t like Mr. & Mrs. (His name) 

I don’t mind Mr. & Mrs. (his first name, my first name, OUR last name) 

I even don’t mind Mr. & Mrs. (OUR last name) 

I just don’t want to be lost in HIS name. 

Ok,…I think I’m done,… 

Until Next time