It was an August. Not too sure of the year. He said it was 98. Maybe. Maybe not.

He was waiting for us downstairs, and it was the 3 girls walking to meet him. My mom asked us if we were excited. We said yes.

We drive for 2 hours to Great Adventure, and I remember waiting on these LONG ASS lines, just to get on some rides. I remember the “Batman” ride, I couldn’t get on it because I was too short. Which was bull shit because I was only an inch shorter than my mom and she got on.

I remember me and my sister getting on one of the water rides and both of our parents were waiting for us on the bridge. They were trying to keep the cameras dry. But they got wet either way.

I remember waiting for the cannoning ride, it was an EXTREMELY long line. And these 3 people (3 guys and a girl with a large Tweety bird doll, it was about 4 ft) kept shouting to people in the front “Yeah we’re coming.” They were skipping everybody on the lines. Finally they got to be behind us. Me and my sister stayed and we’re not going to get skipped. And our father overheard them saying that they were going to get passed us no matter what. He told us to move aside and he went in front of us.

They skipped us.

He grabbed the leg of the Tweety Bird, and we all heard it rip. He told them not to skip us. But they did anyway. The manage to skip there way all the way to the front of the ride. You hear my father shouting to the workers, “They skipped everybody.” Of course they tried to deny everything. We turn around and everyone is following what he is saying. “Yeah, they skipped. They skipped everybody.”

The lady with the big Tweety Bird and her friends were told to get out of this line. They were not permitted to ride this ride. And the crowd begins to cheer.

My father tells my mom, “I knew something was going on. I wasn’t going to let them skip my girls.”

As we got to the front of the line, the workers of this ride thanked us. And we went on the ride.

This was the first and last time, I knew I had a “dad.”

Well til next time