I promised my sister this blog,…so this blog is dedicated to her.

On my birthday and a little time after that, I was upset that my father was back in my life (as you guys read). How dare he try to be a father NOW, 22 years later. I was hanging out with my sister and of course, we both started talking about him. Now that he was back in both of our lives.

We began sharing OUR different stories with each other and I started noticing, that he spoke to my sister in a different, calmer tone then he did to me. And if you’ve been reading my blogs, you understand why. The way I write my blogs, would be about the same tone I speak to him. And of course, he responses the same way. Of course he does, I get my attitude from him!!

Sharing Stories

I told my sister, he spoke nicer to her, and she said, “of course he does. I’m not here to make him feel bad about him leaving. I want him to see my accomplishment even though he wasn’t around.”

Wow! She shut me up!!!! She was 100% right!!

When that bell went off in my head, she wanted to dig it in deeper. She started asking me all these questions, “are you happy with your life?” “If you could go back in time would you change anything.” Yes, I AM happy with my life, and NO I wouldn’t change a thing. “If he WAS around, you wouldn’t of met your husband, you wouldn’t have your son.” Wow!! When did my big sister become so inspirational??

From THAT moment, after that conversation with her, I realized she was right,….my entire view of THAT family, changed! A weight was lifted from my heart. All this anger and hate just disappeared.

As the weeks passed, and the more I started to reflect on myself, and my spiritually, is when I realized, that hating this man or anybody in his family, was completely worthless. Who was I hurting? Nobody but myself. They didn’t care about what I was feeling. They didn’t understand the hurt I felt inside. No one saw that little girl inside me hurting and crying for her daddy. But you know what? I’m not that little girl that wanted her daddy. I’m a woman who knows where she is, and who she is. No man defined my mother, who raised 2 girls, 15months apart, by HERSELF, and no man will define ME. Not even the man responsible for my conception.

Its funny how one conversation with your big sister changes everything right?

Well until next time
NH ❤