Know what I love and hate at the same time?

Finding money in the laundry or when you clean the house.

Yes! This blog is dedicated to my hubby. Lolsz. My hubby who does not believe in a wallet!!!

One day I went to do laundry and I had $10 to devout to JUST laundry. I started realizing that the machines were crap and I was going to need more money to fully dry my clothes. And it’s like God heard my prayers and there came out $5 from the machine.

Another day, I was preparing to wash clothes by separating all the clothes based on whites, colors, darks and delicates. As I’m checking the pockets of all the pants, there are two $20 bills there.

As I was putting away our clothes, a $10 bill falls out of the shirt pocket.

I was cleaning my room the other day and under the bed, in between the sheets, behind the TV, I find,…….$7 worth of coins.  

If you think about it in my husband’s perspective, I have earned $62 doing household chores.

If you think about it in MY perspective, I’ve LOST $62.

Do you know what I could buy for $62? I could buy grocery for the week (maybe half the week). We could buy our son favorite drinks. I could’ve gotten my hair done. There are so many things I could think of, but because I was short on $62 I couldn’t!!!!!!!!!!

And this isn’t the first time it’s happened. My husband likes to counter-argue and say that this is his “unofficial” savings. I laugh because it is funny. He said that if he ever needed train fare he could just look in between the sheets.

The real reason it upsets me, is because my husband must have at least 100 wallets, which I think he likes to keep for decoration. He never leaves the house without his wallet, but he never puts anything in it. He’ll put everything, INCLUDING HIS WALLET, in his pockets. And then he could never find anything. And when he sits on the bed, everything falls out. And that’s how we get $7 worth of coins (not even quarters) inbetween the sheets.

Another reason I get upset, what happens if we never found that $62 in the course of cleaning,….we would’ve lost $62.


I love my husband 😀

Until next time,…