Dear Daddy,

Today is my birthday. And for another birthday you’re not around.

You want us to be a family, but I cant see that happening.

More than anything I have always wanted to have a  big family, and now that I have one, I think it looks better without you in it.

Your mother called me today. She finally wants to start acting like a grandma too. It’s funny how one facebook message changes the lives of everyone.

If she wants to be my grandma, then I want my envelopes full of cash so I could go spend it all in one place.

But what good is a father, or a grandmother, if you can’t live up to the role.

I’m sorry Daddy, but I changed my mind. I don’t think I want you around anymore. Knowing you or even about you, has caused nothing but heartache, confusion, and unwanted feelings.

Can I tell you a secret? When I blew out the candles, I wished that I had never tried to reach out to you. I wished that you stayed where you are and continued to never care about me. I think I would have been so much happier.

One thing that did make me happy, was to meet your other children. You always said that you could die happy knowing that all four of us have gotten along and met. Well we met,…we got along,…you could do your part now.

Ok daddy, I have to go and spend time with the family that has actually been around for me. So please continue to disregard my presence.  I think we would all be happier that way.

Your offspring for the last 22 years,