Dear Daddy,

It’s me. Your daughter? Remember me?

I’m the youngest one you had with your wife in your first marriage. Well my sister doesn’t want to talk to you and i can’t blame her mainly because you’re worst than the scum of the earth. You cannot even be compared to that.

But I thought I’d write you this letter so you know that I’m fine. I’ve grown up perfectly fine without your cheating ass. I have a family of my own now. And I’ve decided to stick around for it. Yeah, it’s hard work, but if not having you around has taught me anything, is that I want to be NOTHING like you when I grow up.

I carried your name for too long. I am constantly reminded that I have your face. I have never and will never shed a tear for you, because you never existed. You cannot feel emotion for something that is nothing. And now that I KNOW where you are, you STILL don’t exist. I guess me and my son have something in common, we both won’t have YOU as a part of our lives.

Before I go to say I completely hate you, I do love you for giving me an awesome sister and brother. But just because they’re awesome, makes me hate you more! You deprived me a relationship with them. I wasn’t able to be the big sister to them. We were never able to hate each other, and beat each other up. Now we’re too old for those childish games.

UGHHHHHHHHHHHH I FUCKING HATE YOU SOOO MUCH. It HURTS, that’s how much I cannot stand you. I have never wished for anything bad for anyone, but for you, I will put all those feelings aside.

Love always,

Your baby girl