We’re finally settled down in our new place, and it’s been the craziest ride ever. 

An Emotional Rollercoaster

January 19th marked one month since we lost everything. And it was a rollestcoaster ride, emotionally, mentally and pschyically. Honest, I really truly do not know how I survived 😦 

 By January 11th me and my husband had saved enough money to but a deposit and 1st months rent down on the place. We really wanted to stay within our budget. One day, my mom was taking care of our son, and me and my husband walked for 3 hours looking for places. We went into laundromats and took down the for rent signs everywhere. We called all the numbers within our budget, and we went to go look at all the places.

We finally ran into this one place. And my husband fell in love with it right away. I loved the space, but that’s it. The rooms were disgusting, they needed a lot of work done to them. The living room was a dark gray color with yucky green floors. The hallsways and the baby’s room were a really depressed beige almost orange color with the same ugly floors. The master bedroom was PURPLE. Not a pretty purple, but the most disturbing color of purple ever. Purple is actually my favorite color, but to see it on the walls, almost made me wanna throw up. The kitchen was HUGE, but it wasn’t any better. That day I saw the place, that day I gave him two checks. One for the deposit, and one for the rent. On one condition, he had to clean everything up.

Ugly House 😦

Once he gave us the keys to the place, I broke out all the cleaning supplies I knew, got on all fours, and scrubbed as hard as my arms would allow. Nothing was getting rid of those stains :(.

As the time progressed, we were still not pshyically there, the landlord painted the walls (white) covered the holes (tenants before us was a drunk) and redid the floors. We moved in, in the middle of the process, but the transformation was absolutely beautiful.

It was straight from a soap opera

When we decided to start packing all of our stuff, we were exhausted. Like I seriously did not know what I was going to do with all the clothes and toys, we didn’t have anything that we really needed. And it was starting to take a toll when we realized, we would be starting from scratch all over again. We didn’t have plates, utensils, cookingware, microwave, a bed, livingroom set. I didn’t want to move in because then reality would set in, and I realized, I was screwed.


And then I posted it on FB, and as happy as I was at first to move in, I needed to come to terms with the fact that I needed a push into my new life. Friends started coming left and right, I got a microwave, I got a toasteroven, I got bed sheets. One of my friends even gave me his old/new (never been slept on) mattress. I sat there in awe, that so many people would want to help me so much.


People ask me all the time how I’m doing, and truthfully, never better. I can’t ever imagine myself in the other house again. I don’t even know how I lasted there so long. My house is not fully complete, but the only thing I need to make this place home, is my husband and my son. Whenever I’m with them I’m complete.

Today is my son’s birthday. He turns 2 years old. And today for the first time ever, my son said that this is home. My heart melted because I am so happy that my son knows that this is the place for us. I am happy that we have officially started celebrating our new lives together. This is our first birthday celebration in the new home and I’m really exciting for the many years to come where my family, stands tall, and stands together.


Until next time