Wow with everything that has gone thru this weekend, most people are surprised I’m not insane.

There was a fire in my house Saturday December 19, night. It started in my bedroom and everything else, pretty much followed.

The Fire!

Well let me start from the beginning.

I came home at around 11:30 in the morning on Saturday, which is usual for me. I told my husband to get ready so we could all go get our hair cut so we could look good and fresh for Santa.

We started our Saturday like always, we went to the local diner. We had the same meal we always did on Saturday mornings. And then we went to do our hair.

I’m a girl so I went first, cuz u no we always take the longest. Than while the dye was sitting in my hair, we had the baby do his hair to. And once he was done, my husband went next.
So we’re all done with our new make-over. We decided to head home to pick out an outfit so we could see Santa. But we got to sidetracked by the snow. My son was born for last years snow storm but he was too young to really appreciate it. And this year we were just running around playing in the snow. We gave him wise advice “never eat snow that has been on the floor, or especially the yellow snow” living in new york we also told him not to eat the black snow either lolsz.

We got home and my husband suggested we take off our shoes before entering the house. That way we don’t mess up the carpet. Me and my husband took of our shoes first. I went to put them by the door and I smell smoke. I yell that there’s smoke coming from our house, my husband rushes to the house and trys to see where the fire is coming from. And its coming from our bedroom. He opens the dOor and gets smacked by black smoke. He gets out and he tells me to call 911.

My neighbors knock on our door and tell us to go to there house. I grab my son and my dog and we head over there. The fire department comes in about 3 minutes. I tried to stay calm. But the amount of smoke passing onto my neighbors house was too much. I grab my son, wrapped him in his coat and grabbed the dog and ran, in heals, in the snow, to my mothers house. I left both the baby and the puppy there and ran back home to be with my husband. I think with the way I was ringing the doorbell they knew I was in trouble. They knew I needed them.

I started hearing the firemen say that they had to break down the roof to get in, the fire was too bad to try and get in any other way. I started breaking down into tears with the thought of my house disappearing. And then, I hear them breaking all my windows. I heard them breaking the door, and then, I saw them throwing out all my belongings out my bedroom window. First my A/C (yes it was styll connected) than my closet door, then my mattress, then my framing of my bed. They broke my door into ten pieces and all those pieces were thrown out the window too.

Having a 7 month old dog and a 22 month old son, we thought it’d be best to leave everything in our bedroom. Our living room was empty, except for our couch. We had shelves on the wall and we had a mount for the flat screen TV. Even our Christmas tree was elevated so the dog couldn’t get to it. In the other room was my husbands photography stuff, except for this day. My sons room was the farthest of the house and only consisted of his crib and a dresser. Again, the best way for our house not to be a mess, was for us to avoid having anything around.

Anything of any importance was always in our bedroom. Paperworks, laptop, cell phone, clothes etc. You name it, it was in there. Why? Because we could close the door at any point knowing the dog or the baby would not get into our room. And that’s where the fire began.

We had a portable heater connected for the winter time. We had it connected to an extension cord, (it had its own outlet on the wall) and the extension cord was just not powerful enough to hold the heater. And that’s where the fire started. They believe the first thing to go was my bed. And from there, everything just followed.

Finally the firemen leave and they give us permiSsion to go inside and grab whatever we can, that survived. Except there’s no electricity in the house now so the policemen were there to help light the way. First place we went to was our bedroom, or at least, whatever was left of it. Everything was black, the walls, the floor, everything. They took down the wall that separated the kitchen to the bedroom. My closet wall was completely broken down. And there was a huge whole on my roof. In every room of the house, all the windows were broken down, and the walls were broken. Everything was just destroyed. I grabbed a luggage and saved whatever I could. Which honestly wasn’t a lot. I saved a few pictures on the wall, I saved all my husbands equipment and my collection of Disney DVD’s. The most important thing, was that I saved my sons Teddy. He cannot sleep without him. But other than that, we had nothing. No clothes, no toys, no Christmas. All my Christmas presents were in my room (so the dog couldn’t get to them) and they were burnt down.

And finally, the American Red Cross came. The helped us with a hotel for a few nights, some money to buy things we needed, and a change of clothes to get the smoke out of our system.

My life just passed before my eyes. I have never felt so many emotions all at once. First I’m happy playing in the snow with my son and husband. Then I’m scared cuz I see the smoke. Than I’m frighten by the firemen, than I’m trying to be strong for my husband and son. Than I’m pissed that I lost everything. Then I’m relieved we’re alive and safe. Than I’m calm as everything is processing and counting my blessings (I could have been on that bed). Then I realize, everything happens for a reason and all you need to do is rely on God, that everything will be ok,….

We get to the hotel, after making a few phone calls to a few of my closest family members and friends. It finally hits me, Shit I have no place to live. Shit! I have no place to spend Christmas with my son.

And my husband calmly looks at me, holds me, kisses me and promises me everything is going to be alright.

He saw the goodness of everything and helped me see it too. He showed me that 2010 is going to be the start of a new beginning. Not just for the New Year, or the new decade, but also for a new us. A new place to live. New appearances (since we just got our hair done, and we were forced to buy a new wardrobe) and new lifestyle. We were going to be a new us. Everything that was ever bad or negative in our lifestyle was taken by that fire. Nothing good was taken from that fire because I still have the 2 most important things to me. My family and my health.

Right now we’re struggling. But we’re together and that’s what matters. And it makes it so much easier knowing that I have friends and family members that I can count on. So many people have donates money, clothes, furniture, time, they have opened there doors to us and opened there hearts to us, that we are truly blessed to be alive and around for the new year. I refuse for this fire to take over our lives. I refuse to shed a tear for this fire. I refuse to stay still. Nothing will bring my family down. We will move on from this, and if I waste more time on shedding tears than I will not move forward. We are going into 2010 really hard and we will survive all the obstacles that God has and will continue to bestow upon us.

I have written this blog, for many different reasons. One being, that too many people were asking me details, and now here you have them 🙂 and the second reason hoping that people out there realize, that there is more to life than the drama you put yourself thru. I honestly thought I had no friends. That I only had that relationship as hi and bye with certain people. But it was those people that stood up the most and helped me and my family out where we needed.

Now hopefully, the questions will stop about the fire, but hopefully the support will still keep coming. Hopefully after reading this blog you will understand why I’m not as hurt or tormented by the fire as people must assume. Me and my family are strong and once we find our new place, I will let you guys know.


NH ❤