This weekend was by far one of the best weekends in a long time. It all started with Friday when my husband and son came to work with me. I started showing him off, and before you know it, it was time for me to leave.

Family Time 😀

I wanted to continue spending time with them, so me and my husband planned to go to the movies with our son.

It was between Planet 51 (It’s a cartoon, it’s mostly for boys since they like all that alien stuff) or The Princess and the Frog (cuz I’m a girl and deep down every girl, watching the Princess movies, makes us feel like little girls again.)

Decisions, decisions 😦

We decided to watch whichever movie was playing earlier, and I won. Princess and the Frog was playing first so we went to watch this movie, and it was such a great movie. We stayed until a little after the end of the movie and into the credits. I thought everything about the movie was great. And then I heard the song in the end “Never knew I Needed.” I started listening to the lyrics, to the beat and I think I found my new favorite song. And than I started listening to the voice. Sounded alot like Chris Brown, and than I was turned of from the song. And than as I was leaving the theather, the credits showed that this song was by Ne-yo.

Never knew I Needed by Ne-Yo

And that pissed me off even more.

Not sayin I don’t like Ne-yo. I actually admire his music. But I don’t like Chris Brown. Not because of his music but because I lost total respect for his as an artist/human when the whole deal happened between him and Rihanna.

Anti-Chris Brown

You know what else I hate? Artist who song alike. Why is it so hard to be original nowadays? I was listening to Ne-yo and then to Chris Brown and they soound soooo much alike, and it started upsetting me even more.

And what’s sad is that they’re not the only ones who sound alike.

There are certain songs, where Katy Perry sounds like Gwen Stefani. Where Lady  Gaga sounds like P!nk. Whatever happened to that original sound. The new feeling?

I listen to Pandora and when pandora plays one of my songs, I love it, because I don’t hear people like that anymore. Even the artist that we admire and look up to the most, the ones whose concerts we go to, are all frauds and fakes.

Ashlee Simpson is one of the MANY frauds in this industry!!

It seems as humanity evolves the lazier we get. We get so lazy that we can’t even come up with an opinion of our own based on the music that we hear. We’re so lazy we listen to whatever society tells us and agree with it. We have no opinion about it at all because society decides everything for us. Society decides when we sleep, eat, fart and fuck and it’s so frustrating.

And we let them, because we’re to lazy to do anything anymore.

And people get mad when machines have started to take control of everything. Because man (humans in general) are too lazy to do there job. We pay our bills online, because we’re to lazy to go to write out a check, and even lazier to go to the post office. And than people wonder why the unemployment rate is so high.

Stop being lazy and unoriginal 😦

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