I spend an hour going to work and an hour coming home from work on the train on a daily basis. Monday thru Friday,(unless on a holiday) I am on the train.


And so my story begins,


I’m on the train, and I’m listening to all the chatter going on, the music playing, I hear people coughing, someone is even snoring. This is a typical train ride.


To entertain myself, I play Tetris on my phone. Tetris keeps me occupied and makes the time go by so much faster. I don’t have to count the train stops until I have to get off to catch my train, I don’t look at my watch to show that I’m running late. Tetris entertains me and keeps me from thinking.


Until this morning.


I began playing Tetris and I started realizing how life is so much like the game of Tetris.


Level one, is the easiest level, you get a clean board and you get to put the pieces where you want to to easily make the rows disappear. As the tower gets taller, it starts becoming more difficult to eliminate the rows.

Level 1

As the levels get harder, the pieces drop faster. And it starts becoming harder to turn the pieces and get it in the right spot at the same time.


When the pieces drop where you don’t want them to drop you have to figure out a way to eliminate that row.

I work so hard to try and keep all my rows together, but then there’s that slip. You wanted the purple “L” to go in this opening but because I didn’t calculate it right, it’s now somewhere that I cant anything with it.

 But in order to win the game, you have to figure out how to get rid of that mistake and still continue with the rest of the game.

When you’re a baby (level 1) everything is so easy, everything is handed to you. People do anything and everything for you. As you get older (Level 6), you start realizing the good from the bad; the right from the wrong.  Once you become an adult (Level 12?) everything moves so fast, that sometimes you don’t have time to move it into the right areas that it ends up becoming a burden and you have to work around it. At the end of your life (level 16?) everything is going so fast that you sometimes just want to give up, but you know that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Level 1 to Level HARD!!!!!!

Hmm,..maybe I should stop taking the train! Makes me think too much lolsz 😀

I think too much!!!


NH ❤