Do you remember when music used to be good? When you could just sit and relax and listen to your walkman (yes I said it) and actually be able to relate to everything.

Yes! A Walkman,...Almost as lame as VCR's

No matter what your mood was for that day, you could always find a song that you could relate to?

I’m sitting at work and I have the radio on and all the songs I hear are party music. I’m at my desk, I don’t want to start grinding my chair. I don’t want to be in the Christmas spirit. No, I just want some depressing shit right now. And why can’t I get that?

Bah Fucken Humbug!!

Bah Fucken Humbug!!

It sucks that i have to resort to my own iPod or even Pandora to be able to tell the story of my life right now. What happens when my phone, or iPod isn’t fully charged? Or my internet isn’t working? I’m going to be forced to listen to crappy music on the radio, which is gonna get me even more pissed.

I love Pandora 🙂

Dear God!!!

Please tell Radio DJ’s they all suck. Please tell listeners they all suck for wanting to bump and grind 24/7! Please bring back the good old music, when you could be depressed, happy and sad all in the same song. Please Lord, I beg of you to let me vent with this music.


NH ❤

Please Lord!!!!

Current Mood: Pissed the F*** off.

On My Playlist: Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Break Stuff

 Its just one of those days
When you don’t wanna wake up
Everything is fucked
Everybody sux
You don’t really know why
But want justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off
No human contact
And if you interact
Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
It’s just one of those days!!



NH ❤