So,…I’m on the train today on my way to work and i saw this guy (I’m going to call him Mike, he looked like a Mike) break his neck to look at this girls butts.

Breaking Necks

Breaking Necks

Honestly,..I don’t understand what the hype about butts is. Cuz even the girls with no butts still get attention off of guys. Now I was curious to see what Mike was looking at and if it was worth him breaking his neck for, and this girl (i’m going to call her Sarah, her butt looked like a Sarah) so i turned around and i saw Sarah wearing beige slacks. They fit very loosely in the right spots and tight in the right spot. Honestly, it was worth Mike breaking his neck. But one thing that bothered me was the panty line. Personally, me? I like to wear panties and i can’t be without them. And i honestly dont like thongs. So I try not to wear pants that show a panty line cuz my panty line will always show. I refuse!! I think Sarah thought the same way i did, cuz she had the crazy panty line, but because she was wearing these pants that fit her legs and butts so perfect, the panty line looked acceptable.

Panty Lines :(

Panty Lines 😦

I’ve had this conversation numerous times, because i think every girl wants to know. What runs through a guys mind? in general. I wonder what Mike was thinking when he saw Sarah walking by.In the quick second it took him to turn around, was he thinking about how he wanted to approach her, where he would take her to dinner, how he would try to rush through the movie and then later take her to his place and slowly find his way to remove the panty line, because that’s all he was thinking about the entire time. Cuz I’m sure that when Sarah walked out of her house she purposely wore these pants and these pantys to TRY and break a guys neck. She knows the power her butt holds. She knows that her future will land in her butt.

Removing the Panty Line

Removing the Panty Line

I tried to ask the question on facebook to see what my friends thought of panty lines and it was all, “It Depends” like wtf does “It Depends” mean?

I see some of those girls that wear the too small pantys that make it seem like they have 4 butt cheeks. Or the girls that obviously need to do laundry that are wearing there granny pantys and the pantys are bunched up in the pants. Do guys still think thats sexy?

Would Mike have broken his neck if Sarah was wearing her granny pantys?


Are guys just generally perverted and no matter the shape size or smell, they still love the butt and the panty line that comes with it?

Something to think about,…


NH ❤