So yesterday was a pretty awesome day.

Before I start though, let me introduce you to our artist. We have J-Train are these two great guys who just happen to be brothers; Dynasty and GP The Producer. The great thing about this duo is that they sound great together. Together they’re magnificent. They truly complete each other, artistically speaking of course.

So let me continue with yesterday. J-Train started recording there second video for “Keep It Going” (The first one was for “Cynthia Song”) and it was definitely a day worth blogging about. I saw them at the end of the day and I swear, I’ve never seen them so tired, they looked so drained. I saw the clips of the video they did, and I can understand why.

As New Yorkers we have access to the root of Hip Hop in our hearts, so it only seemed right to go to 5 pointz and shoot a music video. While there, guess who they ran into?? Grandmaster Caz. Now to some, he may seem like a big no one,…but those that know real Hip Hop, know Grandmaster Caz became known as the first DJ to incorporate his rhymes to his DJing. So to meet him, was not only a shock, but an honor as well. Of course he was asked to make an appearance in the video but his manager said no cuz they were on a schedule, which is understandable. They were in the middle of shooting, and without warning, cuz he liked what he heard, he just walked right in there and just gave a shout out to our boys, DYNASTY and GP the Producer. How effen awesome is that??

Grandmaster Caz

Grandmaster Caz

From there they went to what makes New York,…well,…New York. The first time I went here was my first 4th of July with Harts. It was the most beautiful place and I had a great view of the fireworks. No not the ones that sparked between me and Harts, but the ones that lit up the dark night. This place is so hidden but so beautiful and friggen amazing. Dumbo. No, not the elephant, but the place hidden right underneath the Brooklyn bridge. I honestly think this is one of the only real residential places in New York City (not state) that has REAL grass (not the type you smoke) water AND a view. Feels real old school but brand new at the same time. Makes you feel like Dorothy sometimes, but don’t worry Toto, there’s no place like home.  Luckily for us, we live in the place that never sleeps.

After a wonderful view, comes along running from the cops. Well not technically running from them, but it was pretty scary. Again in Dumbo, it was a great view, so of course we have to take advantage of it right? Unfortunately they didn’t know that they needed a permit to enter the place and in the middle of the shoot the cops come around and try to kick em out. They left before shit got heated, but like the smartest person alive, Harts forgot his bag and had to sneak back in before the cop saw him. Yeah, I told you. Smartest person alive lolsz. But I still love him.

Well it’s getting kinda late and we still got the video to work on. We’ll keep you posted.

NH ❤