When I was first asked to write this blog I actually laughed at the idea of me writing it. I mean, when my friends find out that I, yeah, ME, am writing a blog on Hip Hop they’d crack up laughing. I’m the last person you’d expected.

hip hop

hip hop

I was the girl who tried so hard to rebel. It never worked, but I did try. I was the girl that hung out with the same crew everyday but I was trying to find myself. I was the rocker chick, the ghetto chick, the loud ass-bitch all @ once. When you’re a teenager it’s really hard to figure out how life works out. Fast forward a few years later, and I met my now husband, Harts. Turns out me and him were the same people living the same life just in different times. Everything I was going thru, he had gone thru. Turns out, guys and girls deal with the same issues growing up. We just all handle it differently.

I was the rocker chick because all my friends were into r&b, hip hop and everything in between.

My First Group I Enjoyed- not hip hop

When I met Harts, I started to understand the big hype about Hip Hop. He taught me about the importance that Hip Hop has bought to us as a society. I started to understand how this movement came about and why it is as important as it is. Being who I am and who I will always be, I’m still trying to rebel against the Hip Hop cultural. But the more I learn about Hip Hop and the more involve I become with “It’s Hartstop Records” the more I’m understanding the importance of Hip Hop.

I think me actually caving in to start writing this blog, is my way of rebelling who I WAS. Cuz who I’m turning into, is still in the making. Who I am, is Nadyne Harts!


NH ❤